Wednesday, 4 June 2014

#WearItWednesday: OnTrend - How to Wear The Classic White Shirt - Examples from Angie to Mariah (of course)!

Reading a recent InStyle article on 'Ways to Wear The Classic White Shirt', I was reminded of WGSN Head of Retail Lorna Hall's Macro Trends seminar at Pure London in February where she talked of the exact same subject. If it's good enough for Lorna, then I want to investigate!

The suggestions offered by the piece were all interesting enough:

Paired with a Sheer Skirt

(Photo Courtesy of Splash News)

GIRLS star Allison Williams has her own look working overtime in this double - Game, Set, and Match, I'd say; wouldn't you?

Deconstruct a Tuxedo

We all saw this one emblazoned across the fashion pages, whether we believed it deserved the attention or not. Angelina Jolie provides our second example...

Layer Under A Bustier

Now, although the advice is to stick to black to make this pairing work, as long as it's a block colour and silhouette-friendly look, I'd say go for your choice. I've been known to work this look with red, purple, and blue - all of which were pulled off successfully (maybe within an inch of their lives, but that still counts as a win in my book)! Julia Roberts demonstrates under a gorgeous bustier gown here (with a frock like that, it makes you wonder why on Earth she bothered, but thankfully, it worked).

The ESP way

My personal suggestion? There used to be a television advert, Once Upon A Time; where the lead female couldn't find a thing to wear in her wardrobe, until in the end, she threw on a white shirt, paired it with a brown belt, and some brown cowboy-like boot-heels. She looked chic, stylish, and above all sexy as I don't know what, in such a simple purpose switch of the garment. From that day, I started wearing shirts as dresses, skirts as mini-dresses and never looked back - if she could switch it up, so could I, gosh darn it!

All About Mariah

And of course, when it comes to an unrecognised Fashion Icon...How do you do The White Shirt - The Mariah Way? Well quite simply really, the look hasn't changed much in 6 years:

Which is your favourite? Pick and be sure to jot it down in the Comment Box below! Do you have an alternative? You're welcome to share it!

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