Friday, 10 May 2013


Wedding Season. Boy, those nuptials sure are everywhere aren't they? Such a fun time is upon The Unattached...

For the (Desperate and) Dateless, spending their evenings with their German friend, Häagen, Last Name: Dazs; or those in an open relationship with those reckless Ben & Jerry boys, your reward for suffering through this terrible time opens in US theatres on 27 September (as usual in the UK, we get no studio release love).

'Baggage Claim' (2013 Official Movie Poster)
'Baggage Claim' is the story of poor flight attendant, Melinda Moore (played by Paula Patton). Her baby sister (Lauren London) is getting hitched before her - in 30 days, to be precise. To save herself from that familiar family shame, she decides to bag herself the single gal's elusive white rabbit...the quintessential 'Perfect Date'. Knowing there's no plausible hope of securing anyone without a likely criminal record or even some very questionable tendencies in time, she opts for the surefire route of creating 'accidental run-ins' with a list of suitable exes. Cue help from friends Jill Scott and my teen soap love Adam Brody (better known as Seth from The OC), and you have a twist on 'The Wedding Date' (Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney); only with Air Miles instead of...well, dollar bills on the nightstand...or was it the top of a boat?

A host of cameos from some big crowd draws like a literal wet and lathered Trey SongzBoris KodjoeLala AnthonyTaye DiggsDerek Luke and Djimon Hounsou; not to mention Mrs Tia Mowry-Hardict (which, coupled with that small childbirth side-gig, explains her prompt departure from my fave show 'The Game' last year), give serious, credible comedy weight to Director David E. Talbert's line up; cementing this as a NOT to be missed release...

Now +FoxSearchlightUK, if you could just greenlight Baggage Claim with a UK release date, then us film fans in Ye Olde Kingdom United will most definitely turn out in droves.

ES ;)

Photos and Official Movie Trailer courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures.