Friday, 6 January 2012

Welcome to 2012 with the ESP Family!

Happy New Year to One and All!

I do hope you're all sufficiently recovered from your shenanigans by now. If not...what on EARTH did you get up to?! 

As is always the way, a New Year spark times of change and all things fresh to mark starting back at One. Here at ESP HQ, the Family are already producing mega tonnes behind the scenes that we'll be bringing to your eyelines shortly. 

When the clock struck 00:01, Lekhem and those R2S Boys dropped 'The Rebelution: Pt.1'.

With 20 infectious tracks that stole the flames of Hades itself; this is one mixtape that your Apple gadgets NEED in order to function well!

Look for more on R2S and their d├ębut release on the ESP blog soon. 

On the 'deer oh deer' front; the most gifted designer I know is hard at work creating for the SpringSummer12 collection. I'm sworn to Herd Family secrecy so can't give too much away, but I can honestly tell you, that Charli-Anne and our beautiful Design Assistant Lottey (the gorgeous female face of deer oh deer), are planning our most daring collection yet.

Don't think that's the end of the AutumnWinter11 'Heritage' collection though! Look for some special treats on the line's own Heritage, in the coming weeks.

Did I also happen to mention Charli-Anne fired up her own blog this week as well? I don't call her 'The Creative' for nothing!

Drassick and Friends at 'Jam Sandwich', 31/1
Not one to rest on his laurels, Drassick has broken away from the cutest 16-day old on The Planet and is already back to work. Writing, recording and planning for that 31 December return to the stage - catch him alongside some Special Guests, live at 'Jam Sandwich'. Performing a mixture of tracks from 'D-Day', the forthcoming 'RiseNGrind' and maybe even a little something extra... 

Last but not least, there's a little offering from Yours Truly...

From September through October of 2011, ESP Ltd. gave you a 7-day feast from each of the billed Artists on the Leela James 'My Soul' Tour. Entitled 'In the ESPspotlight with...', one of the features that I received the most feedback about (apart from the amazing web design talents of one Ms. Charli-Anne for Jelli Ltd.), was the Q&A section with each Artist - #FindOutFriday...

Returning today, this weekly feature has a variety of talent from across the board for your reading, watching and listening pleasure. It's not about what's hot, popular or 'Of the Moment'; more about people I encounter on my travels who impress the heck outta me with what they do!

If you know the ESP way of doing things, then you know nothing interests me more than a good back story, and with each invited feature, that's what I hope to bring to you. If you enjoy it, do let me know via the comments section; a share and a retweet are always welcome!

I must say a HUGE Thank You to Charli-Anne for not only enabling the preparations, but keeping me sane over the past few weeks. I absolutely could NOT have managed without you Chica, you will never truly grasp how much I adore.

Checkout my launch interview, when I spent some time with the lovely Ms. Rea of Unsigned Hype UK...

Have a great weekend!