Sunday, 22 January 2012

Introducing the 'Rebels 2 Society'

Rebels 2 Society are a 13-member strong hip hop group from West London.

With a team that have been working hard and gradually expanding throughout the years Rebels, collectively known as R2S, have developed and created a sound like no one else of their time. The variance of their sounds infuse the old school flavour of the Wu Tang takeover, with the contemporary hip hop currently dominating the airwaves of the UK, Europe and International markets.

The Rebelution Part 1 is a perfect example of the mix and diversity that R2S bring to the table. So 'Kick Back', enjoy this first future classic and understand why each R2S member will tell you, making great music 'Ain't Nuttin To Us'.

Meet the Members:

Krome: If you love fast'n'furious flows, the ultra-tricky wordplay combined with intellectual, hard-hitting lyrics then Krome is going to be one of your favourites. One of the founding members of R2S, Krome constantly delivers verses that make others scratch their heads at the knowledge he drops in triple-speed

Korshun: The flashy one. Don't be fooled though; also a founding memberKorshun is not one to let his persona speak for his content. Behind the microphone Korshun is lyrically one of the most captivating individuals out there. He has an uncanny ability to paint lyrical pictures combine with his "drunken master" flow and unique tone, leave nothing but fire on every bar.

Fuzzie Bars: R2S's only female, Fuzzie holds it down for her ladies. An energetic rapper with a never-ending flow, lyrically she is one of the most thought-provoking in the group. Working hard at her craft from a young age, Fuzzie has blossomed into a very unique artist. Always speaking from the heart on topics that are often taboo, her capability to educate and entertain at the same time is remarkable.

Lekhem: One of the newest members to the R2S, Lekhem brings his own flavour to the mix. With his unique "3 countries in 1 voice" accent borne from his American, Jamaican and UK origins, Lekhem is certainly one to watch in the R2S camp. The experiences of his world travels bring a strong variety to his lyrical content. With a commanding, yet humorous personality that seeps through the microphone, he draws audiences into his world with hypnotic style. Look out for Lekhem production talents set to make their début very soon.

Reginald: The youngest of the group is not to be taken lightly. With a hunger for success and a determination that surpasses his years, Reginald is stepping up to the plate. His individual flow and lyrics are always hard-hitting and truthful, with content that speaks to many. Never one to shy away from har work, Reginald gives his all to ensure the R2S camp gets as far as possible.

D Night: One of the most distinctive tones within R2S, when Damien Nightron steps to the mic, you listen. His 'in your face' lyrics stay with you and he's not worried if you don't like that, you will hear, and remember what he thinks. 

HudyHary: R2S' very own Eastern-European import! Spitting with incredible flow, HudyHary arrives on any track in a Polish blaze of glory! With bars solely in his natural tongue, more than language makes him one of a kind. A hugely talented artist, Expect to see HudyHary's production credits  soon. 

Prophyle: Another lyrical master, Prophyle speaks to your mind. The depth of his content resonate soulfully time and again. Prophyle's 'golden era' flow demonstrates that bringing positive, soul-uplifting music to the masses is not as difficult as others make it seem. 

TaYshan: His multi-dimensional lyrics make you laugh, think and dream with imaginative flows that capture your attention from the start. An artist who seemingly creates punchlines from nothing, TaYshan has a great ability to tell stories through music. His knack for changing temperament mid-bar makes listening to this guy that much more exciting and unpredictable.

Culprit Cash: Another new addition to the R2S camp. With his intellectual storytelling abilities, clever, often funny punchlines and impressive flow, Culprit is certainly set to steal some fans. With his arsenal of talent, Culprit Cash is set to create some major turbulence on the radio airwaves.

And for those making their début on February's The Rebelution Part.2...

Adversario: Meet the main Producer for R2S. Highly skilled at what he does Adversario creates that contemporary sound with a root in Hip Hop's golden age. With those drums that bang, melodic synths and fantastic use of samples, it is no wonder that American artists are hunting him down for his work. When it comes to creating soundtracks for street poets, his talent hits heights of magnitude.

Seta Trend: Another new member, Seta Trend has been on the scene for a hot minute. Take his easy-going flow that works so well with his tone, add his thought-provoking lyrics and you have a combo like no other! His lyrics place you in his skin and give you the capability to see his world. Also a Producer; Seta's talents do not stop with the Mic, the pen and the pad. Creating epic instrumentals for his lyrical portraits, look out for more from his huge catalogue on The Rebelution Part 2.

TrixCity: One of the most lyrically imaginative rappers on the scene, TrixCity is another new addition to the camp. A philosophical lyricist, his alluring tone and inventive flow prove Trix is not one to sleep on.

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