Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Whirlwind in SlowMo...

Well what a week!

So much has gone on within the ESP Family in the past 7 days, that it literally took an extra one to find a second to tell you all about it!

If you caught our New Year welcome, then you know that Charli-Anne and Design Assistant / female face of deer oh deer ltd. Lottey, have been hard at work on our SpringSummer12 Collection, 'Carnivale'. Already on to that next stage, this week she blogged about her return to long-time collaborator Andy Piccos of Stitchin' Business fame, where they talked the 'logistics of fabrics'.

Andy's handmade talents brought Charli-Anne's Winter 'Vintage Rose', and Summer 'Carousel' Clutch bags to life, in addition to the hugely popular Lux Hunter Hoods and Hampton Scarves from the current Heritage Collection. Andy, who you may also recognise as Official Couturier for Gok Wan's Clothes Roadshow, was kind enough to film an exclusive special for deer oh deer tv recently. Currently in edit, subscribe to the channel NOW so you don't miss the webisode when it goes live! 

Because our Charli-Anne's talents know no bounds, she's also been hard at work on the Web and Graphic Design front for Jelli Ltd. In addition to designing Drassick's new website (more on that later), maintaining the ESP home, blogsite and LekLane to name but a few. She also set about a new project for GLO MediSpa in Harley Street, that includes this little nugget as their new logo...

(l-r) R2S members Krome, Birthday Boy Prophyle,
The BakaBoi has been on his grind as always. Writing for upcoming projects and filming two music video cameos, Lekhem spent the majority of the week in the studio; recording 'The Rebelution Part. 2' with 'Rebels2Society', mixing solo tracks and working on a little something called 'KrateDiggin'...More details on that will be coming very, very soon!

For the latest directly from him, including press coverage from music blogger lov3hat3u; wander over to 'LekLane' (blog), where he tells you all the details.

The Digital One has taken over! In addition to prepping for that 31 January return to the stage we told you of last week, Drassick and I have been hard at work on more projects than I can share with you today...Just know that when I say the wait is almost over - I'm NOT joking! First up:

'RESET BUTTON' is the 3-track mini-EP set for release on 23 January. A little 'Thank You' to all who continued to support during what may have seemed like a quiet period on the exterior, we want to get fans and newbies alike set for February's much-anticpated 'RiseNGrind'. Starting over, Drassick is  Bigger, Better and Stronger than ever for 2012. If you're not familiar with our Andre yet, you soon will be...

For a taster of what you can expect from 'RiseNGrind', check out his warm up video for 'Bars So Hard'...

With a fresh, re-branded slate, a new website coming, and a 13-track mixtape in it's final readying stages (for starters), the 23 January won't just see the start of the Chinese New Year - The 'Year of The Dregon' will officially have begun.

And then there's me, the 'ES in the P'...

In addition to working with my Benetton Brady Bunch above (!), I also spent some time chatting with Def Jam / NCredible Entertainment Singer-Songwriter and Producer Kevin Writer, for the second #FindOutFriday of the year. He told me about his unorthodox mix of musical friends, what it's like to be managed by Nick Cannon and his upcoming work with the most successful Female Singer-Songwriter of All Time.

Have a read, comment and share if you like it!

Finally, after a renegade interview for this Friday's feature, Sunday the 15th saw Lekhem and I down at the Queen of Hoxton for dejavufm's 'We Play Music' launch. A MASSIVE look for the unsigned music scene, the event was full-to-brimming with first-rate, live performances from the likes of Dionne Reid and the ever-talented Soneni & the Soul. Look out for more details from the night directly from the dejavufm website.

And that's it! A new week has already begun and the gang have me hard at work...duty calls!

Have a great week!
EricaSharlette ;o)