Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What's on YOUR Xmas WISH LIST? I'll Bet I Know What's Missing...

With only 6 shopping days to go, it's safe to say that time is running out to find 'that' special gift for your nearest and dearest - well for the usual baubles and trinkets anyway! For a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving, why not put an ESP Gift Certificate in the stocking of your loved ones, and help them get one step closer to realising their dreams?

This week's mammoth deal comes in the shape of #ESPprofile - one of three brand spanking new package offers designed to increase the balance of your professional bank.

Profiles are all about compiling your typical electronic press kit - or EPK, in a very atypical way. Biographies, Press Releases, and ESPspotlight Reviews are the right tools to introduce You, announce your Product, and assess functionality in the real-life field...

Press Releases priced at £15 for production ONLY; please see
shop listings for domestic and International distribution rates

Purchase an Artist / Designer biography ('Chapter' - £9.99),

a Product Press Release ('Verse' - £15.00),

an ESPspotlight Review ('Finale' - £25.00),

or all three in a full EPK (£35.00),

from the brand new shop, that you will find on the ESP Facebook Page (don't forget to 'Like')! 

Coming soon to the ESP website also, you will shortly be able to purchase ALL ESP services from the official store on Facebook AND the ESP hub!

ESPspotlight Reviews are £15, with the exception of
Event Reviews, priced at £25.
For now though (well until Sunday at least), rest assured that you can purchase any one of the three items in the new ESPprofile bundle, and receive the other two, completely FREE! At the risk of reminding you all of 2012's most annoying celebrity saying - I do believe that's what is otherwise known as 'Winning' all-round! 

Now Get Cracking! You've no time to waste - and that WISH LIST isn't getting any smaller!

Happy Shopping...
ES ;)

Terms & Conditions:
  • Only ONE offer can be claimed at any given time.
  • Professional images for use in the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) must be provided by customer, unless purchased separately and agreed with EricaSharlette Promotions Ltd. prior to purchase.
  • Throughout 1st-31st December 2013, any order placed will incur ONE ESPshowcase 'Action' Pack, free of charge. A minimum spend of £15 is required, in order to receive this gift.
  • ALL offer quotes must be used at the point of sale to qualify.
  • Offers valid for purchases made in single transactions ONLY.
  • Offers are not available for cash exchange.
  • Certificates must be claimed within 12 months of purchase date after which time, all codes and certificates will become void.