Friday, 16 March 2012

#FindOutFriday with StooShe!


Three lots of Vocal Prowess.
Three lots of Fun, Feisty Fashion.
Three lots of Mouthy Mischief in completely different, Down-to-Earth, Strong Female personalities.

What is NOT to love about StooShe?!

Alex, Courtney and Karis are three beautifully-talented definitions of MAYHEM! They're first official single, 'Love Me' entered the National Charts at Number FIVE on Sunday. They're one of the biggest names in the UK at the moment and having caught them live, three of the best sounds in my humble opinion - even the BBC agreed with me! You already know all of this though because they're everywhere! As always, I wanted a 'peek behind the curtain' aka a nose in to how this South London trio came to tear up Country-wide stages in three different ways. A shot in the dark, I reached out to a Management and PR team as friendly as the girls themselves (MUCH gratitude to the wonderful Caz and Kathryn) who made what you're about to read, happen.

Now I read a lot of press kits and write one or few myself. But with what I entitled 'The StooSheKit', the StooShe girls popped a cherry...Never before has a press kit had me laughing. Never before has a PR breakdown left me so entertained and hand on...heart...I can honestly tell you: NEVER before have I seen one so BIG (hey, these girls inspire the mischief)! I'd say "behave" but really, why not start as we mean to go on?

StooShe have done more in less than eighteen short months than most have in a career and they're so far from stopping. Fancy Finding Out about their story so far?

1. We all know that in the UK, to be 'Stoosh' means to be 'Stuck Up'. If ever there were 3 people who do not fit that bill, it's you! Can you explain why you chose the name?

We liked the combination of meanings for 'Stoosh'. It also means 'mystery' and we thought the combination worked for us! We added the 'She' at the end cos of female empowerment! Buttttt, we found out since that 'Stooshe' means 'to cause havoc' - which sums us up!!!

2. You've already been compared to a lot of girl groups, British and International. Who do you liken yourselves to?

Well we've been compared to The Spice Girls, TLC, En Vogue...and we are really happy with that comparison! We think we are different to other girl groups, and that there hasn't been one like us yet, but we do take inspiration from different girl bands, like The Supremes - we love our vocal harmonies and with The Spice Girls, we all have our individual personalities.

3. Can you describe your fashion style collectively and individually, and also name some of your inspirations?

Our style is just an extension of what we love, we just push fashion as far as we can get away with it!

"Tattooed, Bootylicious Brit-Brat" Karis in her
Deer Oh Deer 'Made In Britain' tee!
Karis takes her inspiration from a 50s pin up girl...

"Big-boobied Blue-Blood" Alex; OWN descriptions - I SWEAR!!!
(but #Salute to the C+ Nation ;>)
Alex takes hers from 80’s vogue models...

"Quirky, Bubbly and Batty" Courtney 
...and Courtney takes hers from everything! Fresh Prince, Old School, New School!

We all mix vintage with new pieces, and wear what we feel comfortable in.

(l-r) Karis, Courtney and Alex
4. The 3 of you are full of flavour - you remind me of a layer cake! What ingredients do you each add to the tasty 'Stooshe Recipe'?

Haha! We are all very different. Courtney is the baby of the group, she is the youngest and is really sweet. Karis is the Mummy as she is the oldest and has the most experience in the music industry. Alex is the Auntie, as she is really light hearted and she keeps the peace! We are a big Stooshe family.

5. I noticed that on your website, you have an unusual feature; what made you decide to include an advice column?

We wanted our website to be interactive and we really like the fact that we can help our fans, and give them advice.

6. 'Betty Woz Gone' was a massive opener for you onto the music scene. You seem to have a knack for sneaking 'in your face', taboo subjects into the mainstream with a cheeky wink and an impish grin! How do you decide the songwriting approach that allows you to flaunt raw subjects in the mainstream?

We were just all talking about real life issues and what’s real to us and to people around us. We like to put a Stooshe twist onto it all though and give it a light-hearted vibe so that it can appeal to everyone.

7. Congratulations on the Number 5 spot! 'Love Me' was a Monster all on its own, before your label-mate Travie McCoy jumped on the remix. Can you give us a clue as to who else we're likely to see you collaborate with in the near future?

Thank you! We havn’t actually done anything with anyone else, it’s just been us, Future Cut and Jo Perry. We are gonna get in some sessions with people like Rizzle Kicks (hopefully!) and a few others so our next album is gonna be heavy!

8. The 'StooshTape' was a hugely energetic insight into the 'no-holds barred' StooShe that any audience is Blessed to see live. What can we expect from your first album and when are we likely to get it?

It’s out in June and its an eclectic mix of everything! There’s Pop, R&B, Funk, Urban, Motown, a bit of everything!

Download 'The Stoosh Tape'

9. 'Lovin' aside; what other pleasurable past-times do you like to get up to?

Sleeping and eating!!

10. What's the main message that you hope your audience take away from your work?

That StooShe always have fun and say what they like, wear what they like and do what they like. BE YOURSELF!

The HILARIOUSLY Cheeky 'Love Me' remix with Lioness, A.Dot and RoxXxan under the track's original name.
Here's a hint: It rhymes with 'DUCK'...

A MAHOOSIVE Thank You to Alex, Courtney, Karis, Caz and Kathryn for a fun interview! FINALLY a girl-group that covers every angle, I can't wait to see what you do next!

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Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget - Sharing is Caring! See you for the next feature sooooon!

ES :)