Friday, 25 November 2011

**PRESS RELEASE** deer oh deer AutumnWinter11

Future Fashion inspired by a Decadent Past…’deer oh deer’ return for AutumnWinter11 with the lavish ‘Heritage’ Collection.

In complete departure from the candy pop acrylics of SpringSummer11; the new 12-piece collection of brass, (faux) fur and tweed blissfully marry decorous Victorian Country manors, with gritty Dickensian streets, in roguish Noughties style.

Label Founder and Designer Charli-Anne strove for authenticity throughout: “The antiquing may be an effect, but a lot of love and passion is contained in each piece, so their history is not disingenuous.” From the jewellery’s ‘antiquing’ appliqué, to the namesake of each piece - the Crawford Earrings so named for Jane Austen’s Mary, the Dawkins Chain for Charles Dickens’ Jack - better known as The Artful Dodger, or the Sinclair Necklace heralding a family name - deep historical roots swathe the collection in treasured British heritage.

Reviving their long-time partnership for the handmade Lux Hunter Hoods and Hampton scarves; Stitchin Business’ elite Couturier, Andy Piccos (official Tailor for Gok Wan’s Roadshow), and production partner John Reid so vividly brought Charli-Anne’s designs to life, that the limited edition hoods sold out in advance of the line’s official launch.

And the boutique brand only continues to grow. ‘Lady Sinclair - the Equestrian Doe’ and ‘Lord Hampton, the Equestrian Stag’ are exclusive to the Sweater apparel, marking Charli-Anne’s first collection-themed additions to ‘The Herd Family’.

The Heritage Collection is available now exclusively at

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