Wednesday, 30 November 2011

**PRESS RELEASE** Lekhem - 'The Raise EP'


Released 31 October
Label: Unsigned

‘The Raise EP’ by Lekhem, a Soulful blend of old-school Hip Hop and R&B, with his trademark Reggae infusion, is a project all about transition. “The Raise, for me, was made to show growth as a lyricist, producer and an overall artist. I only established myself a short while ago, but with so much change and progression along the way, it felt only right to document it in the best way I know how”.

The second release from West London’s self-entitled ‘Alien Resident’ is an 8-track audio notebook from a true creator at heart. A crucial ingredient in his recipe for life, environment weighs heavily in Lekhem’s work. Mixing the diverse cultural influences of an American and West Indian childhood, with his mid-teen to adulthood in the United Kingdom, no lyricist or producer sounds quite like him. Having learned far more than the basics from his Father’s studio sessions with musical legends, coupled with the ins and outs of television production from his Mother; Lekhem, meaning ‘Bread Maker’ in Hebrew, is never far from a kitchen. Whether edible or audible, the BakaBoi Entertainment Founder is forever cooking up delights.

‘Str8 Out Da Oven’, Lekhem’s debut mixtape in 2010, garnered him interest from several publications, including Essential Pop and Niji magazine. Joining forces with EricaSharlette Promotions at the start of 2011, the two worked diligently to build up an impressive social media portfolio and the Lekhem/BakaBoi brand, through regular appearances on the performance circuit and a significant visual catalogue. Releasing music videos for signature track ‘Baker Boy’, ‘Magie Noir’ and interim track ‘Worth It’; the anticipation for ‘The Raise EP’ became apparent when the mixtape notched 3,150 downloads in its first week of release, based purely upon Word of Mouth, Twitter (tagged #TheRaiseEP) and Facebook promotion. The gamble on the reputation Lekhem has built paid off, as download figures continue to soar at an unprecedented rate.

‘The Raise EP’ is available now for download via

Praise for ‘Str8 Out Da Oven’:

AMAZING!! This guy is talent!!!
Miss_sb26 - Mixtape Madness

"His flow is too fresh!"
Andrew Ayim - Mixtape Madness

Lekhem is a really talented individual whom creates music that has both commercial appeal and a unique sound which draws on his musical inspirations. Lekhem is one of Essential Pop’s ‘Ones to Watch’ in 2011.
Editor's Note - Essential Pop

the magnificent beats stamp this as an official article!!!!! ... Keep doing your thing kid, sounds good.
Magnificent Beats - Mixtape Madness

Overall, the self proclaimed ‘baker boy’ is about ready to go in and do something truly special. This is definite iPod material. Finally, straight hip hop to put a smile on your face! With an eclectic blend of musical influences, Str8 Out Da Oven, feels polished and almost Pharrell-like at times, with a unique recognizable voice, this is less a mixtape and more a testament. With tunes like the instant bangers ‘Hip Hop Music’ and ‘Magie Noir’, much of this mixtape harks back to the Good Ol’ Days of US hip hop.

I was just back stage of a big show out here with one of my favorite groups in America Black Eye Peas, you have a voice similar to one of the members (Apple D App), but a lil more hood :) keep up da good work
Self Suffice - ReverbNation

It's hot yo!!!!!! Keep it up
Darcia - Mixtape Factory

His variety in style, pace, lyrical content and delivery is oh so real -and, in ya face!! Lekhem in Hebrew means 'bread' and this lead to his alter image, Baker Boy. He is always cooking up some riddims mixed in with some stinging lyrics! Best served hot!
Sandra Rose - Coco Notes

Makes me proud to see what he is doing, keep it up!
Junior Dan - Hi Try Records

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