Wednesday, 30 November 2011

**PRESS RELEASE** Unsigned Hype UK Vol. 3 - Xmas Special 1 Dec 11

The other midnight launch on 1 December is the 3rd monthly compilation from the Unsigned Hype UK Team. This hardworking bunch have done an original, innovative LOT in a very little time, to create a much needed platform for artists without the 'big show backing' that they deserve.

Alongside ESP's own Drassick and Lekhem, a mix of UK and US artists appear; including FlashmanMC, Graffiti Fresh, Dray Delta, Natalie Ferrol, Coinz, May Day and others.

Expect to hear much more from this tenacious team - they're definitely a movement on the rise!


Unsigned hype UK, Vol. 3

Unsigned Hype Ltd.
"The UK's Most Supportive Music Company"
Press Release

Unsigned Hype Ltd are proud to announce that the caption they dreamed is finally becoming reality, The news is spreading and the views are doubling! The Team have tripled and are working as hard as ever! Unsigned Hype arent your normal Promotional Team they create Partnerships with individuals all over the world.

Unsigned Hype began with one woman, a big idea and no idea of how to get the ball rolling! Robyn Adams known as MsRea started her music career in 2010 being a Solo Artist Singer Rapper and Songwriter. She soon realised how difficult it is to break into the Music Industry with little support for Unsigned Artists like herself. She then decided to make a difference and came up with her Promotional Company Unsigned Hype.

Robyn quotes "Here at Unsigned Hype we aim to make a positive difference to the Music Industry, we are a force to be reckoned with! My Team are incredible they work hard and have their own dreams to pursue. Its about time Unsigned Artists got the support they deserve!"

Unsigned Hype have achieved over 1,200 Twitter Followers, 2600 Website Views, 4 Fully Booked Mixtapes, Over 50 Artists supporting and Many up and coming Partnerships in just over 8 weeks! This is an achievement unlike no other!

Help us spread the word please put a write up on your blogs and support the Unsigned Hype movement!

Want to be apart of the movement? Then simply contact Unsigned Hype! They're always looking for New Partnerships, Promoters, Daily Bloggers, New Artists, Producers AND MORE!

Robyn Adams & Ricardo Reid
Unsigned Hype Ltd CEO
BB: 23A70DC8