Monday, 9 December 2013

STOCK UP with Nine Hundred & Ninety Nine More Ways To Say 'HAPPY HOLIDAYS'!

Week Two of the world's biggest annual shopping countdown is underway, and ESP Ltd.'s treasure trove of special offers is all about STOCKING UP on The Visuals...

Hip Hop MC, Laughta

No-one said 'basic' has to mean 'boring'! 'One Take' portrait shoots can do just enough to make your photos POP - without unravelling your shoestring...

With a standard price of £65.00, photography, editing, travel & expenses, and 15 images, orders placed during 8th-14th December will incur a 10% discount.

London Fashion Week, SS14

Regular readers have been familiar with the format of ESP Events for quite some time now. For newcomers, the 'LIVE' goal is always to capture the atypical view, whilst giving the viewer an insight that makes them feel as though they were actually in 'The Moment'...

Usually priced at £95 for a standard 4-hour hire, get 20% OFF of your (maximum) 50-image bundle, all this week with the special ESP discount code.

Lekhem - 'Baker Boy' video - promo shoot

And if you're looking to push the boat out, then location / thematic shoots are where creativity really comes alive! 'Conceptualize' does exactly what it says on the tin - it brings your vision to life through the lens...

Usually priced at £185, get a MASSIVE 40% OFF of (up to) 75 images - this week only, when you order through the ESP website.

Don't forget - when you order any of the above packages this week, you also get ONE ESP 'Action' social media package, completely free of charge!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for your close up in the BRAND SPANKING NEW Facebook Shop!

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Terms & Conditions:
  • In all 3 for 2 offers, you will receive the cheapest item free.
  • The cost of the third item alone, must not exceed £50.00.
  • Only ONE offer can be claimed at any given time. Thus, if your final total exceeds £50.00, you will not receive the third item free; instead, your final order total will incur a 50% discount for the single transaction.
  • 'One Take' Basic / Portrait Photoshoots are charged at £65.00 for photography, editing time, and 15 images. Orders placed during 8th-14th December will incur a 10% discount.
  • 'LIVE' Event Photography is charged at £95.00 for a standard 4-hour hire + the above services, and up to 50 images. Orders placed during 8th-14th December will incur a 20% discount.
  • 'Conceptualize' (Thematic, or Location) Photoshoots are charged at £185.00 for the above services + 75 images. Orders placed during 8th-14th December will incur a 40% discount.
  • Professional images for use in the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) must be provided by customer, unless purchased separately by customer.
  • Throughout 1st-31st December 2013, any order placed will incur ONE ESPshowcase 'Action' Pack, free of charge. A minimum spend of £15 is required, in order to receive this gift.
  • ALL offer quotes must be used at the point of sale to qualify.
  • Offers valid for purchases made in single transactions ONLY.
  • Offers are not available for cash exchange.
  • Certificates must be claimed within 12 months of purchase date after which time, all codes and certificates will become void.