Thursday, 21 February 2013

#ESPspotlight Review for My Flash Trash: The 'Arrows' Headpiece by Culietta

The 'Arrows' Headpiece by jewellery designers Culietta is a vintage beauty that doesn't fail to attract all the right attention.

The 'Arrows' Headpiece by Culietta is available from now...
A beautiful piece of silver architecture - I call it that because simple folk like myself will need to consult the picture on the My Flash Trash website for guidance on how it actually works, as well as have quite a few clips and grips handy - it's design is absolutely gorgeous. If like me, you've never worn a headpiece before, then you will tend to worry about the thinner rope strand at the back of the piece and be quite fearful of damage when fitting it; but with a thicker rope framework on the sides to support the comfortingly heavy centrepiece, you can't forget it's there, since you can feel it snuggled comfily atop your noggin, giving new meaning to the 'crowning glory' turn of phrase.

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My first MFT 'B.A.R.T' (Brand Ambassador Road Test) called for an event befitting the grandiose piece and so where better to show it off than the 'Felicities Presents...' Showcase that I was invited to review at London Fashion Week? Not only were several members of the prestigious Fashion PR team quite taken with 'Arrows'; but  it caught the eye of three designers showing at the event as well!

That to me, cements a definite Seal of Approval; what better endorsement do you need for adding this silver string to your fashion bow?

The silver 'Arrows' headpiece is priced at £70 and is available now from the MyFlashTrash website.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for that earlier mentioned event review - the 'Felicities Presents...' Showcase is the second in my 3-Part Series covering London Fashion Week!

Do you have feedback on the 'Arrows' headpiece or my take on it? Share your opinions in the comments box below - I want to hear from you!

Until tomorrow!
ES ;)