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#ESPspotlight Review: '7 Days, 7 Mixtapes To Set The Valentine Mood': 2. 'L' by Drassick DIGITAL

Now if you ask lil young me, the best love songs are the ones composed with that special someone in mind. Whether a sensitive crooner, or the hardest rapper out there, when it comes to affairs of the heart, what you wear on your sleeve never goes out of fashion.

'L' by Drassick DIGITAL out tomorrow
When you just so happen to know the inspiration for one of those love song personally, well; expect your heartstrings to fray quickly. When I heard that Drassick DIGITAL was gearing up for his next EP by releasing a 'Valentine's love letter' to his fiancée and mother to their beautiful 13-month old, even though it's not out until midnight tonight; there was no question that 'L' would find itself firmly ensconced within this series.

It's been almost a year since Drassick popped The Question under Tokyo's city lights. It was always going to be a tad hard to top that come tomorrow, so telling the world about your continued adoration ever since in 'Good Life' was never going to be a bad way to start. With the help of Stirra on vocals, this 'celebration of us, we've made it this far' moment is perfect for the lover's occasion. Will you collectively "Awww!" with me please?

'Just For You' features Noble and Charley Healey. A declaration of love from both MCs, wrapped in the big red bow that is Healey's infectious hook; both guys successfully manage to deliver this ode to love without losing manly credibility - quite the opposite in fact. The perfect blend of what every woman wants, a protector who's grown enough to show a sensitive side that's reserved just for her, this is the kind of contemporary track that should be owning radio right now. My personal fave of the bunch.

'Let This Go' comes courtesy of group 1ofEach; otherwise known as Stretch and CP (or Drassick's little brother in that latter case - gotta love a family affair). Produced by Morfius, the premise of this one is that it's not all about hearts and flowers, there are rough times that love can't always overcome, especially when one is more infatuated than the other. Whilst the intention to present new artists is a good and commendable one, this track would be better suited to the follow up project, as it's theme is not in keeping with the mini-EP's goal, thus confusing the overall message of the project.

A very good return to form after a brief hiatus; 'L' is mostly successful in setting out clear intentions. The only way this could have been bettered (aside from the exclusion / replacement of that last track) would have been a solo effort to cap the entire set. Apart from that, well done Drassick - earned yourself a B+.

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1: ................??????

You'll just have to come on back tomorrow to see who's rounding off the '7 Days, 7 Mixtapes To Set The Valentine Mood' selection! It's all about the ladies tomorrow (Fellas - I'll get you next year!) With a mixtape review AND Interview to wrap the series up nicely! My ONLY hint Girls, is that I'm keeping it UK HOT.

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