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#FindOutFriday with...Marketer and Coach, MICHELLE HOLMES!

Welcome, Welcome to my favourite readers in all the land! I hope you're as excited as me for the return of #FindOutFriday!

Now I don't know about you all; but I've been in MAJOR overdrive, prepping the 2013 Task List, getting new projects underway and generally setting my year up to be it's most successful yet. Organising, problem-solving and operations management are the bread and butter of ESP HQ; but after a month or so of 'This Is My Year / New Year, New Start' status updates and a January Sale to help you carve out the 'New You' I got to thinking...what about those don't need to hire someone to get their house in order, all they need is a few pointers in the right direction?

I could have made a few suggestions myself, but why? When I could call on someone far more entertaining than Moi, to start you off in your own direction?

Meet Personal Branding Strategist, Michelle Holmes...

1. Welcome Michelle, to the first #FindOutFriday hotseat of 2013! It’s the second week of a brand New Year – and not just any, but one that according to the Mayans signifies a 'new realm of consciousness'; so we've all the more reason to get motivated!

'Tis the Season to Be Inspired' and there was a reason why you came to mind! Now I tried to sum up your role and couldn't without leaving some vital tidbits out! So in your own words, would you mind laying out exactly what you do and what it entails?

Michelle Holmes - Marketer, Coach and
Founder, The Visionary Voices Show

Yes of course. Basically I'm a marketer and a coach... I combine my past as a vocal coach and my more recent work as an online marketer to help my clients find their own unique voice, and then design and implement award winning campaigns which put them on the global stage to generate 6 and 7 figures, attract their ideal clients, speaking engagements and joint venture partners.

2. And how did you arrive at the role you've carved out? As one in an 'unconventional' line of work myself, I can imagine it can't have been easy! Vocal training aside, is the motivational aspect something you trained for? If so, what did you undertake?

I started my own business 3 years ago. We were on benefits and beans on toast and I looked at my kids and thought...I need to give them a better life.

I'd made £10k online by accident a few years earlier so when an email landed in my inbox about a social media marketing training programme, I thought I might be able to learn more about it and make some money.

I was at £4k profit per month within 12 weeks.

Amazing what becoming a mother does to your determination!

3. When did you first discover that you had a ‘motivational voice’ and how did you go about translating it into a business?

Hmmm...that's an interesting question. I believe we all have a motivational voice. We are all visionaries. We see the world through unique lenses and share unique visions because of that.

I took my passion for empowering self expression, my need to make the world a better place for my children, my marketing expertise and my love of hanging out with ambitious, difference making, conscious people and decided to pull it all together.

I'm very lucky to have an amazing husband, friends and a business family who support all the crazy things I do and tell me when I'm starting to 'conform'.

I'm just trying to be me and make my difference. Business or no business... this is just what I do.

4. Because what you do is not mainstream, how difficult did you find it to build your clientele and how did you devise the best means to go about it for you personally?

I built my personal brand in order to stand out (there is only one me and only one you and I believe that if we express that fully there is no competition). I invested in the best mentors I possibly could at every stage (even when that simply meant reading their books) and as soon as I could, I joined high end mastermind groups to build my network or my 'business family' as I call them.

Relationships are at the centre of everything.

Most of my clients now come via referral - they include TV personalities, high profile speakers, best-selling authors and very successful entrepreneurs.

5. I can imagine that took some time from your own perspective, but how did you go about tweaking your model for others? If everyone has their own ‘vocal vibration’, how did you tailor your model to effectively work en masse; whilst still tailoring it to individuals?

Everyone is individual

Everyone has their own voice. I simply have the tools in my tool box to enable me to find that voice and to amplify it in a way that means it attracts exactly who you want it to attract (while repelling the rest).

6. As someone who inspires, motivates and helps people realise their own ‘voice’ on a daily basis, what would you say is the biggest first hurdle that you help your clients overcome at this time of year especially and what is the all-important first step?

Overcoming the fear of being 100% themselves in ALL their marketing, their videos and on stage.

We are all influenced by other people to a certain extent and sometimes you can find yourself 'channeling' someone else...using their mannerisms and words.

Dropping that is the first hurdle usually. The second is usually the fear of standing out which of course is essential!

7. Building unique and personal brands is a popular subject over on the ESP side of the street! Whether starting from scratch or adapting what you already have; can you elaborate on why you think it’s important for those considering their public profile, to tackle the ‘New Year, New You’ frame of mind, head on?

People do business with people they know, like and trust.

If your online profile isn't personal. If it doesn't reflect you and if it doesn't SHOUT OUT LOUD to everyone who matches your ideal client, promoter, joint venture partners profile. If it's 'corporate' or 'fake' or it's not authentic, you'd better believe that you're leaving money, and the opportunity to change lives for the better - on the table.

8. What is the ‘Super Fly’ Video New Year Challenge and what inspired it?

Right now there are nearly 60 people posting a video every single day inside my private Facebook group, in order to create a new habit, get daily feedback and improve daily.

At least that's what I 'sold' it to them as.

What it really is, is an incredible journey to the depths of your being and back again.

We're on Day 10 right now and we've had huge 'Aha' moments, great business breakthroughs and more than that...we're now seeing fearlessness. The fearlessness that comes when you finally realise that by sharing your own voice in the most real and authentic way you can, you move people, connect with people and yes, do all that stuff that's important for business too...with EASE!

We've shed tears together, we've had tantrums, we've had singing and dancing and we've shared our deepest, most intimate fears on video in a safe space.

By Day 30 those folks will be out there at 100% changing the world for the better with every video they put out there!

9. That is an absolutely brilliant concept and I can see why you've been overwhelmed with responses! So much so that I'm inspired to try out my own! How has keeping a Gratitude Diary affected the way you approach your goals?

Oh hugely! My gratitude diary keeps me in the right vibration to attract more awesome stuff into my life. I don't come from a place of 'I need', 'I want' or desperation anymore (I REALLLLLY USED TO THOUGH) - now I just see how lucky I am and I try to learn the lessons life presents me with along the way.

My goal now is simply to be happy and to enjoy quality time with the people I love.

10. Lastly, you are a supremely busy lady! Mum, Wife, Entrepreneur, Teacher and more. Every New Year we set seemingly achievable resolutions, but as we all know, ‘Life’ is very hard to schedule; especially when setting up your own shop! What are your Top 3 tips for effective and realistic Time Management?

1. Write EVERYTHING DOWN! Don't try and keep things in your head!

This Project Management app saves my life, DAILY! ES

2. Block your time. Do your marketing first thing (or whenever you're at your most sharp) when you'll be uninterrupted for an hour or so. Marketing is THE most important thing you can do for your business (attracting new customers and keeping the ones you have happy).

No matter what comes at you after that, it's all good because you've done that bit.

3. Prioritise tasks. Stuff might all come in at the same time but that doesn't mean it's all of the same importance.

I have an app on my phone where I list my tasks and it asks me a series of questions like "Is this in line with your bigger goals for this year?" and "Do you want to do this?" and it then rates each task in terms of it's true importance.

Unless it gets to RED it doesn't get done.


Errrrr...I'm actually guilty of one or two of those pointers, so you know what? I'm off to re-prioritise!

Thee most MAHOOSSIVE of Thanks to Michelle for gracing the first hotseat of the year and giving us some real insight into how an everyday lady can make a success of anything she puts her mind to. I, for one, am most definitely inspired...

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See you soon!
ES ;)