Monday, 3 October 2016

ESPnews on MusicMonday: Bank on Bowie

The loss of David Bowie was one of the biggest shocks of 2016.

He was prevalent in so many areas, and so technically profound, that a panel is actually convening at the Southbank Centre this Friday, 7th October at 18:30, to determine whether Bowie was more prolific as a writer - which he professed himself to be - than as a singer.

I unfortunately cannot make it, but if you can, then aside from letting me know how it went - worry not, because it's a free event, that you will find taking place in The Clore Ballroom, on the Ground Floor of the Royal Festival Hall. For more information, visit the Southbank Centre website, where they breakdown the event in full.

In the meantime, I'm saluting his staggering catalogue with a very special tribute to kick off today's fashion-tinted MusicMonday segment. Let's travel back to before Yours Truly joined this crazy little place called Earth; when hair was either straight and spiky, or curly, big and bushy, and mullets were the multi-gender style du jour...

I hope you enjoyed Fashion, and I hope that you enjoy what's to come; as Part Three is up next - at 16:30 to be precise - which concludes THE BIG REVIEW in the ESPspotlight: Fashion Undressed with Mastercard - another event that just happened to take place in The Clore Ballroom mentioned above. Stick with me today, I've got a bumper day of features planned for your enjoyment. Come back an hour later for this week's Sound Of The Week - I promise you it's not from an advert! Craig David's new album, Following My Intuition gets a good going over by me - see you soon!

Until the next...

Video courtesy of EMI Records.