Monday, 24 November 2014


Staying homegrown this week, the contrast is in the music, as BUSHKIN formerly of HEARTLESS CREW, offers up his latest solo effort. Mainly Hip Hop based, seasoned with a Drum'n'Bass chorus taken from the original film of the same name, the track is a controversial first step in legalising the herbs on UK shores.

I can't say that this king-size blue slice is really to my taste (sorry Bushkin), but it has been making popular waves on the radio, hence our discussion spotlight. I love a good debate as much as the next chica, so after listening to the track...

I'll ask youDear Readers: is legalisation a 'good' idea, and is music the best platform on which to place to the open forum?

Let me know your thoughts in YOUR house, below.

Until the next...
ES ;)