Thursday, 13 November 2014


Today is a somewhat bittersweet day, as we reach another birthday of the namesake company that has become my surrogate child!

When EricaSharlette Promotions Ltd. was born four years ago, there was an instant connection between an idea and the possibilities to make a dream into reality. The initial adjustments were rocky, as I tried to find a place in my rigidly set life for this new, self-made responsibility, and there have been many sleepless nights, particularly in the earlier stages as I tried to establish a balance between my professional, and personal life for this new entity. What no-one tells you when you create a new company, is how greatly it becomes a part of your genetic make up. You are always thinking about it, always worrying about making the right choices, and always concerned about how to keep it healthy, so that business and name grow well. Take it from this virtual Mum - it never stops!

Where is my cake and candles then?!
No doubt you will have noticed the quiet over this year and that has been as a result of long-term health issues, that have forced me to step away from ESP Ltd. temporarily and focus on recovery, but rest assured, I am never too far, I will continue to post as and when I am able (have I ever got some doozies for you - watch this space), and lookout for bigger and better features coming your way soon!

I do hope you've enjoyed the ride with me - I know it's my personal favourite of all time.

Until the next...
ES ;)