Monday, 11 November 2013


Well now, if ever there was a better set up to a big week at ESP HQ, than a new +Mariah Carey single, Yours Truly has most definitely yet to discover it!

'The Art Of Letting Go' - the second single from Mariah Carey's forthcoming 14th studio album, was released via an unorthodox Listening Party on Mariah's Facebook Page earlier this afternoon; where a brave, simultaneous fan Q & A also accompanied the big launch. Hailed by other music critics as the next 'Vision of Love', I'm afraid this here music blogger and longtime fan must disagree - in fact, I fail to see, or hear any comparison to the modern day classic at all. What I do hear, is a typical 'Mariah Moment'; similar to the Christian forgiveness of letting Bygones be gone, better known as 'I Wish You Well' from 2008's E=MC2 - in thematic content at least (minus the actual Scriptures). Being that I have been listening to this woman, and studying every form of her style since I was in single figures, I anoint myself with the qualification to dispel that myth, and instead provide this correction - amongst a few other things...

On the first listen, whilst I do love the authentic throwback of the 'needle on vinyl' opening, I would be outright lying if I said it had the initial 'Instaspark' that used to come as standard with new Mariah music - the OG Lambs know to what I refer. It was there in the ORIGINAL, unfussed with version of 'Triumphant', it reappeared for the Young Jeezy remix of '#Beautiful'; but it did not appear here, because sadly, TAOLG is not Single material. Doubly disappointing (and concerning), is the missing certified stamp that normally comes with a Rodney Jerkins Production. Don't get me wrong; clearly the usual "Darkchild" intro that every artist and his Mother announces at the top of their collaborative efforts would be grossly out of place, on the groundbreaking moment where this Classically-trained music maker goes back to his roots. But if anyone can truly state that they hear one of his Surefire Hits on their first listen, then they are either unfamiliar with his previous work, or competing with Pinocchio.

All of that being said, what I did notice the more I listened, was that retro, 40s Femme Fatale that we were introduced to (and LOVED), in 'It's A Wrap' (Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, 2009). It has the feel of a revered Legend, deigning to respond to an impudent child, just desperate for a momentary shine of glittery attention, and from her, it is effortless. Essentially Ladies and Gents - Mariah done testified in a 'Sunday Mornin Moment', she's shedding the shackles of the bad relationship weighing her star down, and now she's back on the rise; no Baby, Letting Go ain't easy...but it doesn't mean that she won't!

Raw vocals, and lyrics that quite clearly tell you and your hateful intentions to 'Have A Seat' - 'The Art Of Letting Go' from her as yet untitled forthcoming album* is unfortunately, exactly that - a brilliant album track. It's just not Single material. I personally feel, that because she released two Radio-friendly singles, which were (unfairly) rejected by the masses, it comes across as a release forced into the confined pigeonholes of what so-called 'fans' want - and that is a real shame.

Reading through posted comments on her Facebook page, most seem jubilant in the fact that the song is "All Mariah - No Rappers!", as one fan claimed; a straight 'Tell It Like It Is' ballad. Rather than the first husband issues as many strangely suggest, I would say, this seems more directed at sending jumped up little upstarts, with a 5-minute limelight back to the sidelines - or at least several rows behind the judging panel - where they belong...

Do I LIKE it? Yes. Is it a commercial huge hit? I highly doubt it. Is it worth YOUR £0.79p? Well, of course it is, it's Mariah at her cathartic finest!

The 'Art Of Letting Go' is out now via iTunes. Visit Mariah's Facebook Page for your local direct link. I know many of you will disagree - tell me why politely below, and let's discuss!

Enjoy, Folks!
ES ;)

*do your homework before you attack fellow Lambs - Jermaine Dupri and Rodney Jerkins tweeted TAOLG as the upcoming album name back in June, which Ms. Carey-Cannon herself swiftly refuted - at no point has she ever referred to the album with that title.