Friday, 13 September 2013

'The ES in the P' Blog is 2 Today - What a CRAZY Ride!

The second birthday of this here 'lil domain' in the grand blogosphere of things, snuck up on me good and proper. I realised the milestone in conversation at the first birthday party for jewellery boutique +JeDeCo OXO last night - a lovely affair, full of friendly, welcoming designers that I was glad to meet, after reviewing most of their collections during Jewellery Week this past Summer.

It's been a bumpy, addictively interesting ride; the ESP blog has not only created connections, avenues and opportunities that would otherwise, never have presented themselves, and today is no exception!

My very first London Fashion Week in February gave me the chance to interview a childhood icon of mine. Caryn Franklin MBE was gracious enough to give me some 1-2-1 advice on how to approach my first outing, guidance which I have carried over into many other instances since then...

The incomparable Caryn Franklin MBE
As the first day of my second foray begins, I'm also extremely honoured to add the advice of another longtime idol that I met at the start of this month. The wonderful Hilary Alexander was kind enough to advise me on how to get the most out of a catwalk show during a reception I attended at International Jewellery London:

"Don't try to watch the shoes, clothes and bags at the same time - they're all flashing by; I think when you're at a fashion show, it's good to focus on one thing. Decide and say 'Right, I'm going to focus on...the shoes'. 

I think you need to look at colour, shape, inspiration...You just have to watch, write down what you see; is it red? Are more people using green? Is it more gold, or more silver? What do the inspirations look like? Are they 1920s? 1930s? Do they look Victorian? And over time, as you go around the stands, you'll notice that you're writing the same keywords over and again.

Use your eyes, and memory, and notes...and don't rely on a mobile phone!  A pen and a piece of going to be more valuable to you in the long run, when you want to actually examine what you've seen."

Yours Truly with the GREAT Hilary Alexander, Fashion Forecaster, Trendsetter, ICON!
Well now, if that wasn't an inspirational moment to start off the next season, and the next year with, then I don't know what is!

I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has ever read, or contributed their time to this humble space of mine over the last two years - like stitching to a hemline, it would not be what it is, without you!

I'm off to my first show of the SS14 season now - Fashion Scout's 'Ones To Watch' at Freemasons Hall, notepad and pen at the ready...

Have a great day all - and stay with me for another 365, you ain't seen nothin yet!

Much Love,
ES ;)