Tuesday, 13 August 2013

#ESPspotlight: Who's REALLY got #Control? Take Note From Kendrick Lamar...AFTER You Learn From Big Sean

Well now. Unless you've been under a rock, in a coma, camping in a desert, on safari, or plagued by any other justifiable circumstance that served to remove you from Social Media today; then you will know that the websphere is alight, in a battle for #Control.

No, for those meeting any of the above criterion - I am not referring to the 1980s, Miss Jackson if ya Nasty, cult classic. I'm talking about the track that Hip Hop MC Big Sean released online earlier today; but it's not even Mr Sean I'm talking about....or is it? Hands up who's waiting patiently for the topic of discussion?

For those still painfully unaware - I'm referring to one Kendrick Lamar, guesting on #Control, and that ONE verse that literally set the music world on fire. Listen here for yourselves if you haven't caught it yet (but please beware, the track does contain language unsuitable for young children, or the easily offended):

Close your shocked mouths now; it's Summertime, those flying bugs are out in abundance. For those who prefer to skim the premise, whilst there was much more to choke over, bar a few uppercuts, here are the solar plexus blows that really matter:

"I'm usually homeboys with the same n****s I'm rhyming wit'/
But this is hip-hop and them n****s should know what time it is
And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Wale/
Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake
Big Sean, Jay Electron', Tyler, Mac Miller/
I got love for you all but I'm tryna murder you n****s
Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you n****s/
They dont wanna hear not one more noun or verb from you n****s"

I don't think I need to focus too much on the controversy surrounding this, it's a massive talking point that is being done to death on every other net forum, with the biggest question being, who's really got what it takes to spar (and WIN) on a verse that literally annihilates some of the biggest names in Nu Skool Rap (I call them that because let's face it, this doesn't call the Jiggas, Nastradamuses, Erick Sermons or Rakims into battle, now does it)?

What I do want to talk about is the sheer Marketing GENIUS surrounding it's release. That's something that I personally, have yet to see covered, so let's discuss it, shall we?

Within an hour of Big Sean's new album, 'Hall Of Fame' being made available for pre-order, the California-native casually tweeted about a track that didn't make the album, supposedly because of issues surrounding the 'sample clearance'...

In all the melee surrounding the content, it's hardly surprising that the mechanics of the release are the last thing on anyone's mind; but for those looking to make waves as a new artist in the music industry, look a little more closely and take note:

Whilst Big Sean is the 'Leader of this Pack', it's Kendrick's explosive verse that has held court on the Twittersphere since the track's debut - all of the attention is on him. Charitable as that may be, it's not something any Artist would willingly contribute to on their own album...without good reason.

The track was released exactly 14 days prior to that new album; thus giving the initial heat enough time to die down, but not distancing it so much, that interested parties are likely to forget the connection.

'Control' is dominating mainstream, as well as Hip Hop media, but the track links are not anywhere to be found across Big Sean's social media; not even his own website. Instead, all conduits take you to his iTunes pre-order link, or past solo works. In other words, ALL Sean, ALL the time - no sharing the spotlight. Rather odd for a firecracker dominating the wires right now, wouldn't you say? The link can however, be found on Kendrick Lamar's Facebook page (as of a few hours ago).

In fact, all in all, what Big Sean has effectively done, is dropped a time bomb, and retreated to a bunker for cover, allowing everyone and their brother to become victims of the shrapnel. Notice that of all those who have publicly acknowledged the challenge, not one has referenced Sean, with regards to retaliation.  Instead, almost all have confirmed they are gearing up for battle, even some who were not called upon:

Image courtesy of Superr Dave

Meanwhile, Hip Hop fan or Country & Western crooner - if you followed today's entertainment media, then you know Kendrick Lamar took on practically the entire Rap World. But you also learned of a Rapper called Big Sean. You know you can get a taste of what he's all about on this new track #Control. You know that a lot of people are talking about him but, you know that if the whole thing goes pear-shaped and a negative outcome is the result; then you won't scold him with the Stink Stick - after all, it was Kendrick who set the cat amongst the pigeons.

Most important of all, you know that Big Sean has an album coming on 27 August; that you can pre-order it as of today, and that a game-changing movement is on the verge of happening. The biggest furore to occur since that other BIG, and Tupac scandal - wait a minute; didn't he call himself a Makaveli? Just as Kendrick referred to himself as "Makaveli's offspring" in this here song? Well, isn't this full circle worthy of the Hip Hop #HallOfFame...See what I did there?!

What's your take? Do you think Big Sean used Kendrick as a promotional pawn in the run up to #HallOfFame's release, or do you think the whole situation was just an opportunity to outshine Big Sean on his own track, a la Jay Z and his 'Detroit friend' on 'Renegade' back in 2001? The floor is yours - Say Something good to me below...

ES ;)