Thursday, 29 November 2012


They've finally gone and done it...Well at least they will have, a week today, anyway!

Long-time friends of ESP Soneni & The Soul release their d├ębut EP 'Million Miles Away' next Thursday; which they plan to celebrate with a mahoosive launch performance, supported by a few friends...

If you recall, the super-talented acoustic group graced the 'ES in the P' blog with a #FindOutFriday feature back in March (...that long ago? Really?) When we discussed their EP plans and also their amazing 'Love My London' collaboration inspired by last Summer's horrific riots. The track is going to be performed with the full, 6-name strong line up for the first time ever, so that's double the incentive for you to catch the show!

The first thing you should absolutely do is have a read of the article with some great underground talent and the second, is head straight over to their Facebook event page and pick yourself up all the details that you'll need to make it down to the show.

It's £5 otd and the line up on the night promise to over deliver for your money - so what you waiting for?

I might just see you there...
ES ;o)