Saturday, 17 November 2012

2 UNlimited...

No folks, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm not bringing you an update on Pete Waterman's supremely hot House music duo from the 80's...

If you Follow ESP Ltd. on Twitter, or have Liked our Facebook Page, then you will likely have caught a nostalgic stroll down memory lane earlier this week, as I recapped a few choice moments in celebration of our 2nd Birthday...

Clearly this called for one thing and one thing only, to round off this week...a mini #ESPspotlight on EricaSharlette Promotions Ltd.!

Starting right there - you would be surprised how many people don't realise that 'ESP' is a play on words - one of the main tools I work with - that ties the company name with the type of marketing that we specialise in. Someone recently asked for an explanation of my Twitter handle 'ESintheP' - it all makes sense if you just look at the name! And as for that Extra Sensory Perception? Well simply put, it's my goal to bring an insight to products that go beyond the obvious.

Drassick DIGITAL has 2 captivating eyes for the Ladies...

When North London Hip Hop MC Drassick DIGITAL needed a rebrand, I felt he needed a visual that matched his love of gadgets and technology. So with her Jelli graphic design hat on, I asked our Charli-Anne to come up with a genetic 'key' that was literally 'radio active'... See what we did there?! Fingerprints are all well and great, but this Ladies favourite had a gift for eye-catching attention without ever needing to speak, so I wanted to make sure we incorporated that, but also something where Music + DNA was implied. With a face built for recognition, what better fit than a literal Digital Signature...

Bright-eyed Drassick's rebrand centred around a retinal scan logo

Press kits have a tendency to be pretty bog standard in my humble opinion! I receive as many as I create and when I look them over, I quickly lose interest if there isn't something different to catch my eye. To me, typical headshots say little more than 'Casting Director's Mugshot Equivalent'. That's something I ensure I combat with those that I produce.

So when it came to Lekhem's first major photoshoot, I wanted to showcase his visual potential, his versatility and also to give an insight into the personalities of such a complex and intriguing Artist / Musician, making 'Identity' the ideal starting point for the themes I had in mind. There is always so much confusion surrounding the American / Jamaican heritage of West London's own 'Alien Resident', that I decided to take a selection of the monikers that others had bestowed on him and create some visuals to match...

'Home' is where the Heart is;
with Lekhem, that's in Music.
'Concepts Photoshoot: Alien Resident'

The mass of colour confusion in our graffiti location tied really well with the homage we were paying to Lekhem's American roots. Red, White and Blue with a twist; no matter what he does, duality is a constant theme. The Man and the Artist, the American and the was always a quirk to me that visually, the foreign 'Alien' and the British 'Resident', are matched in the very same hues.

Equally, there's no doubt that like Drassick, our Lek has his own share of female fans...I soon learned that those 'Ladies Love Lek', making it a no-brainer to use one of those aforementioned nicknames as another theme...

Wisconsin AND West London's
very own Secret Agent...
'Concepts Photoshoot: Lexington'

Though other connotations are implied, something about 'Lexington' said 'Modern Day Bond' to me, from the first moment I heard it - and that was before I discovered what a (worryingly) huge fan of MI6's secret weapon he really is!

Where earlier looks on the day called for a lot of hyperactive colour; this concept called for calm. All about the 'attitude'; simple, non-distracting, statement pieces were all the wardrobe we needed to make these shots work.

'Concepts: Part One' was an all-day shoot with the superbly-talented Jay Donn of BlackWatch Photography and definitely one of my favourite projects of the past two years. View more shots from the day via Lekhem's Facebook Page.

When asked for his personal favourite since he joined the #ESPfamily though, he chose differently:

"My favourite project so far with ESP, has got to be #TheRaiseEP. That's the very first project that we worked on together from the ground up, after joining forces a few months after the release of 'Str8 Out Da Oven'.

The reasons why it's my favourite so far, is the amount of work that we had to do, in order to make sure everything would be en pointe. Travelling to different studios all over London, photoshoots, radio interviews, shows and performances, the lot... We created a lot of unforgettable memories with that project!


Download #TheRaiseEP,
along with Lekhem's back catalogue to date,
from 'The Food' at LekLane...

And as for us Girls? Well we just wanna have FUN, right?

I have done so many projects with Charli-Anne as both Deer Oh Deer Ltd's and Jelli's Marketing Manager, that it's near impossible to pick a favourite!

Jelli's Chinese New Year Offer, 2011

...We've done promotional advertisements

The 'Golden World' Necklace from our HarleQueens collection
2012 was paired with a Vintage JackFruit dress for
Sam's Fashion Shop Catwalk Show this Summer...

Our collaborative features have led to events with other brands...

We've done press 'kicks' - otherwise known as press kits you get a 'kick' out of...

'Red Carpet' AW10
Vintage Rose Clutch
'Pink Passion' AW10
Vintage Rose Clutch
But I suppose if I really have to pick one thing, it's going to have to be the limited edition, Vintage Rose Clutch bags - my very first project with the label. My first press release under my own name, it featured in Niji Magazine to begin with and is arguably when I was bitten by the writing bug!

And when it comes to just me? Well it's very hard to separate myself from any of the projects that I've worked on but, I've had a blast developing this blog! I could name a few individual pieces but, more than anything it is the feedback that I receive from your lovely selves, that has been my highlight. It's your comments, viewing figures and the three award nominations that 'The ES in the P' blog received this Summer, that have made the long, late nights like these worthwhile.

PLEASE #StayTuned to the goings on here, because there's only bigger and better to come! In this for the long haul, I entitled this round up '2 UNlimited' for a reason...

Until the next one!
ES ;o)