Friday, 14 September 2012

#FindOutFriday Re:FIX! 'ViRGO' Special...

...Lekhem and Korshun

Well...I must say that every time I get Lekhem in the hotseat, I learn a few new things and it's never boring; but this week, I couldn't help but go for a little twist...The plan had been to get R2S' Korshun in, to shine a light on his spectacular talents. But with all of the shenanigans surrounding the release of their tagteam mixtape 'ViRGO' last week, I wanted to show you all that the reason it is such an unmistakably strong body of work, is that these two have a chemistry that is pretty impossible to replicate.

Then I thought, why not let them run amok and take over 'The ES in the P' blog entirely for a day? Seeing what they had planned snapped me out of my momentary madness and rejoined me with my senses just in time, whilst I still had a blog left to return to. Finally, I settled on the perfect repayment for the torture of trying to wrangle them from the start of the 'ViRGO' project to date...I pitted the two most competitive men I know against each other and sat back to watch the results unfold! I won't pretend a few chuckles of vindication didn't escape...Have a read of what happened in the Hip Hop equivalent of Manchester United vs. Chelsea FC in the Champions League...Hopefully you'll be as entertained as I was!

Oh boy, this one I'm going to enjoy...Welcome to the most Troublesome Duo I know! Let the battle commence!

1. You're both sons of hugely talented musicians. What's the most important lesson they taught you and what do you think you really should have mastered by now, but just haven't?

One thing I haven't mastered is transferring my incredible beat boxes to a beat. If I could do that I would be so complete and become even more cocky...

When I was 16 and decided to take up music as a profession my Dad reiterated the fact that it’s never possible to please everyone in the crowd when performing, so never go on stage with that thought in your mind. Go and play the music, enjoy it and the people will enjoy you. Something I haven’t mastered yet, is the ability to listen to a piece of music and know what the chord structure is, without using an instrument. It’s another level of musicianship that I still aspire to get to.

2. 'ViRGO' celebrates the Best and Worst traits of the Zodiac's sixth sign - which worst trait do you think the other represents to the fullest?

Lekhem: Perfectionist. A lot of people see this as a very bad trait but personally I don't, maybe because I'm a Virgo too! Korshun’s without a doubt, one of the biggest perfectionists in our team.

Korshun: Cockiness. I don't think he shows enough of it. Letting us Virgos down....(Laughs)

3. You both know each other's style pretty well at this point. The storybooks have it that your original Virgoan brother Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and Gifted it to Man, right? Gift the readers with 4 bars of fire in the other's voice, not your own...

"Its the l-e-k catch me rhyming all the time /
Don't mean rose when I say that I'll make her whine /
I got bars that'll go deep in her mind /
Close her eyes and let this wise guy between the thighs..."

"Yeeaaahh, I got a beard and I’m gifted, guess I’m the black Santa Claus /
Plus I’m English and I’m bringing fire, so you could call me Guy Faux /
All you dudes who try imitate, your kinda like tracing paper /

You're only affected when I leave a mark, and your rep is thinner than a wafer..."

4. If you had to pick the perfect Virgo wife for the other and they had NO say in it, who would it be and why?

Beyonce. I think it’s pretty self explanatory as to why...(Laughs)

Salma Hayek, a Virgo deserves who he wants.

5. You get to trade a best trait with the other for the day; which would it be, why and what would you do in your 24 hours?

Korshun: I wish I could have his mixing skills or to tell the truth, any type of mixing skill. I'm totally wack, Lek's got it though *thumbs up*

Lekhem: Sense of humour. Korshun’s sense of humour is completely different to mine, but in a complimentary kind of way. If we both decide to 'take the mick' out of someone, they’re in for a long day! (I can attest to this...ES)

6. Which 'ViRGO' track do you think the other did the most justice and why?

Listen to 'Look Easy' on TwitMusic...

Lekhem: We both did every track justice! What kinda question?!  All jokes aside, I would say ‘Look Easy’. The whole concept came from Korshun and the vocal arrangement was all him; even my verse. I just got in the studio, wrote my verse and recorded it. That song, for me, signifies his strength as a Songwriter and Vocal Producer.

Listen to 'The Sixth Sense' on ReverbNation

Korshun: It would have to be the Sixth Sense. In this track he displayed some of the cockiness I want to see more of. He showed he can take the p**s proper and p**s on rappers.

7. You're very good friends, so you obviously know each other's Dirty Little Secrets. I want you to picture that you've written the best verse in history. It's the one that will break you worldwide and keep you notorious for the rest of your days, BUT...Circumstances force you to either give away your life-changing works to protect the other, or keep it and become infamous, but expose the secret. What do you do (really, I just want the dirt, to be honest, so feel free to skip to that...)

Korshun: It depends on what I'm protecting him from. I might be able to break and come back and save him. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if it happens...(Laughs).

Lekhem: (Laughs) Lool! There’s no 'dirty little secrets' to hide to begin with; before you have people thinking we're some undercover bank robbers are something. I would keep the verse and never release it for 2 reasons. One: It’s never about doing something like that to a friend, so that thought would never come into my mind, honestly. Two: I would never want to put myself in a better position by putting someone else down. I'm just not that type of person. No matter what, I could never belittle someone for personal gain, I'm just not built like that.

8. What's the most common misconception you feel that people have about the other?

The most common, is probably people thinking Lekhem is an English guy tryna sound American but really he's American tryna sound English...(Laughs)

The most common one I've seen, is that people think he’s emotionless and cold, which is farthest away from the truth. The ability to keep emotions within and in-check helps to give this misconception. One that happens with a lot of Virgos, especially males.

9. You both call yourselves the best at what you do. That obviously cant be the case, so name three things that the other does better than you...

Lekhem: AUTO TUNE!! Nah iJoke...All jokes aside. Korshun’s memory on hip hop records just slaps mine out the water! He’s braver than me when it comes to fashion and his macaroni and cheese is top notch!

Korshun: His mixtape covers, his beat production and the way he promotes himself.

10. A typical Virgo misconception is that you are cold and emotionless when supposedly, it's really that you just don't show your emotions externally. Let's have a bromance moment - what do you most like and respect about the other?

Korshun: I respect the fact that no matter what, Lekhem keeps his identity. A lot of others let other things shape them, but us Virgos? We shape things...

Lekhem: Seriously, why did you use that word?!?! You KNOW how much I can’t stand it, that’s why you put it in there! (Who Me...?! ES) Anyway...Korshun keeps it real with you whether you like it or not. It’s a rare quality in an individual these days. He’s a genuine guy who truly does his best to take care of the people that are close to him. A dedicated, hard worker with immense talent and one hell of a funny guy when drunk!! F**k the word 'Bromance'... #YhLekSaidIt.

I don't know about you, Dear Readers, but I'm going to be laughing for quite some time to come! If you enjoyed what you read, please do let us all know in the comments box below...

Download the EXCELLENT 'ViRGO' mixtape:

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Thanks for reading and see you soon folks - Happy Friday!
ES ;o)