Friday, 21 September 2012

#FindOutFriday with Amina Martucci!

Another Friday, another amazing talent for you to Find Out about! It's been a few weeks since our last fashion foray, but since the fashion glitterati descended on our stunning Capital this week, I thought why not talk to a fresh, up and coming talent, that you should ALL get to know about!

In this week's #ESPspotlight is young Miss Amina Martucci...(I dare you not to love her name alone, makes me think of ice cream...don't ask). Read what happened when we spoke about her controversial new collection that's caused quite the rumbling here or there...

Welcome lovely Amina, to my #FindOutFriday hotseat! I’m raring to get down to the good stuff, because I want everyone to know about your amazing talents so let’s crack on, shall we?!

1. I've known you for a good few years now and knew you did Graphic Design; then all of a sudden out of nowhere, I see these gorgeous fashion designs popping up, what on Earth is going on, Woman? Where did they come from and when did they all start?!

Amina Martucci
I've always been into a bit of graphics but the majority of it was self-taught, I guess I’m a bit of a Wiz when it comes to computers I can pick things up quite quickly! But the graphic designs were only on the side for a little extra pocket money. Fashion design is where my heart is at and now I have finished University I can take it more seriously with no interruptions!

Both of my parents are from creative backgrounds, so I guess the creativity is in my blood. When I was younger I used to play around searching for clothes and fabric in my Mum's wardrobe playing dress-up. Even when I was in secondary school I used to make my own accessories and customised tops, I always wanted to be different I guess I just loved to be creative in any way possible...

2. I can’t say that it shocked me that you were into fashion at all, though; I've seen you at enough events to know that you’re ‘Cut from a Different Cloth’ (sorry, it couldn't be helped)...Let’s talk inspirations. Which designers do you favour and why?

East London Girl, Louise Gray showed off this little
number at LFW earlier this week
Photo courtesy of

Haha very punny Erica (Thanking you - ES)! That’s a very hard one…to be honest, I'm more inspired by everyday people than designers. I love 'people-watching', using the moments to try and guess at another person's story just from mere observation, it's almost compelling. But if I had to choose a designer one of my favourites have to be Louise Gray. Her latest Spring 2013 collection shown at London Fashion Week was awesome! The layers, the mismatch of geometric prints, colours. Her work is fun, I don’t like fashion that is too conceptual to the point that it’s un-wearable. For me, I like fashion that I could see myself wearing. Anything too GaGa is a no for me!

3. And what about your personal style; who inspires you there?

A style maven in the making...
All sorts inspire my personal style; the majority of my clothing is brought from charity shops. I love hunting through the miles of jumbled rails looking for that one unique piece. It's so rewarding when you do find it and it's the price of nuts! I'm mostly inspired by small detail I would buy an item just because of the way its cut or the way the fabric hangs or even the fastening, It could be really ugly but I would take it apart and slightly amend it until I’m happy.

4. I love that in typical ‘You’ fashion (no pun intended that time, but oh so fitting), you went with a material that is far from typical. What made you choose wool and knitwear?

From Amina's AW12 'Strange Fruit' Collection...

I love the whole process of knitting, I think its really cool that you can make a complete garment from just a ball of yarn. As well as all the different textures of yarns and the different techniques. I feel you can be more experimental with knitting, there isn't really any boundaries, that's why I love it!

It’s quite funny how I got into knitting...I actually got enrolled on the wrong course at University, I wanted to originally do womenswear but ended up on the knitwear course. I couldn't even knit at the time, but thought 'why the heck not'? It turned out for the best! Now I cant get enough of it! I feel that there aren't enough knitwear designers out there, its almost still an underrated skill.

5. Being the close of London Fashion Week, I can’t not ask a Designer what type of effect events like these have on you? What, if anything do you get from them?

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What I love about London Fashion Week is seeing all these diverse mixes of people display of innovative style blended with culture, it’s really something unique. The street style during London Fashion Week is definitely my favourite, I love observing the different looks and individuality. My favourite shows so far have to be Louise Gray, Craig Lawrence and Mark Fast.

6. You have a pretty innovative and in my humble opinion, inspired collection that I do believe you had a showing for recently. Would you be so kind as to introduce my readers to 'Strange Fruit'?

A lot of people gasp when I tell them what my collection is called, causing slight controversy. Unquestionably it was very horrific, I'm aware of the meaning and of course a powerful song by Billie Holiday...

I wanted to create a collection that meant something to me. Her song is terrifyingly eerie, yet powerful and sobering. My collection was inspired by this, but mostly it celebrates the abolition of slavery. However, it is still a major effect on us today and racism still being an issue, I wanted to show this through my work, by reaching out to people through fashion.

7. As I’ve told you previously, I was really taken with your look book. How did you arrive at the combination of themes?

Before I start any collection I always like to create a sketchbook, jotting down ideas, designs, basically creating a mood. I take it everywhere with me, using everyday life and scenes as inspiration. I find it easier to work from a concept and gradually build up ideas for a collection. My look book will always be a reflection of my sketchbook.

8. And what type of reaction have you had to ‘Strange Fruit’ overall?

Kanye West
Photo courtesy of AOL

I've had some really cool feedback from people about the collection. I've had emails from magazines and online blogs, asking if they could feature my work. I even got a call from a Stylist that wanted a few pieces for Kanye West, saying they  were "right up his street!". It's pretty cool and its nice to see people appreciating it, a lot of hard work and money has gone into the making of the collection and it's nice to get something out of it.

9. So what’s next, are you working on your next collection and if so, what can you tell me about it?

British Japanese-Pop star, Beckii Cruel
It's quite funny as I was talking about this with one of my friends a few days back and she said that I should do a zombie-themed collection, haha! Because I’m obsessed with zombie horrors, I don’t know if that would work but would definitely be a challenge. Might do it for a bit of fun who knows.

I have a few ideas of what I want for my next collection but I'm still slightly indecisive, I like the idea of looking into Japanese pop culture...

10. I know what I think and see when I look at what you've created, but in your own eyes and words, why are your designs different? What will make the Martucci-Style Iconic one day?

Being Vegan I like to use Vegan-friendly fibres, my latest collection was purely made from cotton yarns. When the majority of people think of Vegan clothing instantly think bland and boring. It’s the total opposite and I wanted to show through my work that it can still be colourful, fun and fashionable. As well as different knitting techniques, I like to work into the fabric as well. I usually find myself doodling patterns onto my garments, distressing the fabric and using a variety of dying methods on the knits. Its cool that you can completely recreate a fabric by manipulating it...

I told you she was impressive, didn't I?! If you fancy nabbing yourself a Martucci-original, get in touch with her for bespoke orders via her Social Media Catalogue below:

That's all for this week folks, be sure to share your comments in the usual way...

See you next time!
ES ;o)