Friday, 6 April 2012


Drass, Drassick, DIGITAL...You all know him as that Rapper that dropped D-Day, RESET BUTTON and RiseNGrind, amongst a few other things...

To me? That's my Drizzy-Dre, E-Numbers, AstroBoy, Andre - my Bubz! No longer the newest member of the ESP Family, it feels a bit odd not to call him the baby of the bunch anymore, but Drassick will always be that Little Brother to me; that buzzing little fly that you swat away publically but secretly adore more than they realise and wouldn't be without.

You wouldn't necessarily realise that the most hyperactive of the ESP family is actually the quietest until you get to know him...and that's when you're Blessed. Funny, sweet, HUGELY talented, quite the deep, sensitive thinker and fiercely loyal, our DIGITAL One is far more than meets his 'pretty brown eyes' (yes, I really sang that à la Mint Condition as I wrote it). 

So even though he's enjoying FAR too much heat and REAL Sunshine on the other side of the world with his new Mrs To Be; I'm interrupting long enough to say, that on behalf of the entire ESP Family: