Sunday, 29 April 2012

#ESPspotlight Special - Introducing Lisa Ella

A few months ago Sophie Horne (DoubleM Entertainment) introduced me to this amazing new singer who had applied to join the Musicalize performers waiting list (incidentally, did you know the show turned 1 this week? I hear DoubleM are planning a small celebratory soiree on the 18th May...). Seeing a great opportunity for some Artist and Brand Development, she put us in touch and we instantly hit it off over drinks and bad pizza. Take note, I think you'll find that's how it's done...

Fast forward to Present Day and one Lisa Ella is settling in amongst her new #ESPfamily. Launching her brand new interactive blogsite 'L.Ella' this weekend, what better opportunity (or excuse) to get her into the Spotlight hotseat for a grilling?

Regular followers and #TheSauce readers will know Lisa and I have been working on a few things of late - some of you have even asked when her turn was coming - you knew it had to happen! Some may call it an 'initiation', but I'm going to go with the far more friendly 'Getting to Know You' approach! Whichever angle you prefer, pull up your comfy chair and let me introduce you...

1. Welcome Missy! I had the pleasure of welcoming you to the #ESPfamily a few months ago now; but for those unfamiliar – who is Lisa Ella, where are you from and what do you do?

I'm a born and bred Northern Singer/Songwriter, from the infamous "Manchester la la la, Manchester la la la"

- fellow 'Mancs' will appreciate the chant! 

2. You like to blend your roots into your writing and vocal style; who are your strongest Artistic influences?

I would say I’m versatile with my music collection. My inspiration from the Caribbean culture come from Janet Kay, Brick and Lace, Alison Hinds and Collie Buddz to name a few. Some other Artists you'll find me listening to are The Arctic Monkeys, Drake, Chase & StatusLudovico Einaudi, Little Comets...the list is endless, I love such a variety and can’t get enough!

3. Acoustic sessions are taking over the Performance circuit at the moment. Taking the Pop and Dance elements of your music into account, why does it's appeal outweigh a recorded backing?

I wouldn't say it completely outweighs a recorded backing track...acoustic sessions and performing with your live band / backing track, give off completely different vibes. People like the stripped back intimacy that comes with live music, so to speak. Acoustic sessions for me are purely about creating the ambience and taking your music to a different place and mixing it up.

4. You’re a Northern-native doing things a little bit differently from the norm. Why did you make the decision to split your time between London and Manchester and how are you finding juggling work between the two?

You get the best of both worlds working down in 'The Big Smoke'. It's different to most places. I like to refer to it as Marmite; you either love it or hate it, I'm yet to make that decision...although the many times you're squashed like a fly against some ones armpit or train window on the tube makes you think twice...

Photo courtesy of Andrew J Shirley Photography, Cover Design by Jelli Ltd.

All jokes aside, I would say if you have the opportunity to get out there and meet people and get your music heard, I say go for it and make the most of your time, you never know who you’re going to meet along your travels out and about. There are people out there who want to help.

5. There's a reason why one of my descriptions for you is 'Little Miss Sporty'; please elaborate for the lovely readers:

I have been a dedicated Hockey player for twelve years. I very much enjoy being part of a team, the Sporting culture, and the good banter as well! Skiing I also LOVE; you’ll often find me down at Chill Factor (indoor ski slope) wishing I was in Val d'Isère....

Photo courtesy of

On the 20th May I'll be taking part in the BUPA 10K Run with some mates, raising money for charity and to reveal how unfit we are! Then at the end of 2012 we're aiming to complete the '3 Peaks Challenge' - walking up the highest mountains in EnglandScotland and Wales within 24 hours...sounds ridiculous but we actually achieved it when we were 16 but that was in three days...all I can say is wish me luck, I’ll keep you posted!

6. Aside from your AMAZING talent, one of my favourite things about you is that scarily intelligent brain! What sparked your interest in Law and Criminology?

Watching too many episodes of 'The Bill' and 'Police, Camera, Action'...I've always had a interest in the Criminal Justice System and wanted to study the diverse legislations and Policies of Judicial Decision. Criminal and Employment Law were my areas of interest.

7. Sports, Smarts and Beauty – you my dear, are what is known as a Triple Threat! Back to the Music though. We have some interesting projects coming up in the next few months, fancy sharing some details on what you’re working on at the moment?

Most definitely! I like to call it Studio Lock Down, at the minute I'm working on new material; writing, recording and making sure it’s at its best before I share it with you all. I'm loving the vibe we've got at the minute and can’t wait to showcase performances with my band...

As well there will be more action on the video performances that I'm calling my 'Acoustic Sessions'. I'm having a play around with songs and stripping them back, so keep an eye on my new blog for the YouTube links. I’ll be doing a video for one of my original tracks which is a first for me, so looking forward to that. I have had a few interviews and Live performances with local Radio Stations in the past, but in the coming weeks I’ll be gracing the airwaves again; it'll be nerve racking but such a great surreal experience!

8. So we now know what your dream is and what you would be doing if you weren't a natural Performer; but what are you absolutely atrocious at? Is there a skill you wish you had?

Anti(?) Social Networks...?
To be a computer and technology essence just to know what I'm doing! My friends will tell you and you can back me up on this, but I'm an absolute shocker when it comes to them. It doesn't help that every month there is something new on the market or updated versions of software; I'm all for keeping with the times but sooner or later were going to turn into robots! I find it fascinating how advanced technology has become and the diverse gadgets and gizmos out there...Nevertheless half the time I just like to keep it simple!

9. You have a blogsite launching today; what’s the biggest message you’re hoping to impart to your audience through ‘L.Ella’?

'L.Ella xx'

I want to invite people to come and join the journey of Lisa Ella, sit back, participate and have your say!

10. If your friends were to describe you in 5 words, what would they be?

Kind, Loyal, Funny, Creative, Clever...

'L.Ella xx' is now LIVE! Make sure you visit the site, drop us some feedback and SUBSCRIBE to get the latest updates as they happen!

Have a great week!
ES ;)