Sunday, 17 July 2016

Have You Heard the Latest?

If you're following me on Social Media - where you can always find me - then you will know that last week, major news broke concerning this here very blog.

As of September 5th, this here home will be getting an overhaul. That is to say, that we will be having a relaunch party week, with a new name, and a few well-known faces dropping by to say hello; so make sure you're with Yours Truly, to kick off this new phase in ESP history. #MusicMonday will be back, and more melodious than ever, for the pleasure of musical connoisseurs everywhere; whilst #WearItWednesday will be more fashionable than ever before with the number of labels and designers that will be traipsing across these hallowed pages! In the meantime, I have already attended my first event in 2.5 years, and I plan to visit a few more between now and launch day, just to give you some extra interesting things to read about

The ethos of the ESP blog has, and will, never change - the goal is to bring you the information that other blogs don't, by giving you in-depth 'How To' advice from the only people really 'in the know' - those who have walked the walk, and as such, are best placed to advise people like me (who is just like you), on the best way to go about getting into the sectors of work that you are most interested in, within the Music and Fashion industries.

So circle the date in your diaries, save it in your calendars, planners, and set your reminders - September 5th, the week before the start of London Fashion Week AW17, when I will be bringing you some musical treats to kick off our launch party.

Stay tuned, cuz I'm going to be needing your attention for all that I have planned!

Until September 5th...