Tuesday, 4 February 2014

#ESPnews The Next Chapter...Shopper's Delight

Well a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL - welcome to The Next Chapter!

Before you ask - No, I'm not referring to Talk Show Goddess, and newly sexagenarian, Oprah Winfrey's network franchise, but instead Yours, Mine, and the average Joe / Jodie on the street. I'm sure you regular readers have been wondering what's become of me, why so unusually quiet throughout the majority of this new beginning? Truthfully 'writing', the answer is simple - I had some long overdue rest and respite from all things public-related, to focus on some other important aspects of EricaSharlette Promotions Ltd. Now back just in the nick of time to kick off our favourite period of loving exchanges, and get set for London's AW14 Fashion presentation season - I'm ready and raring to go! The Big Question is: Are You?

2013 was by no means an easy feat. Events dominated the ESintheP blog like never before, detouring my professional journey into several paths not yet ventured. Whilst I rounded up your favourite moments of the year before the clock struck 12; I decided to kick off my annual love offering with my own personal treasured moments in a yearend compilation with a difference...

From Nostalgic Endings, to New Beginnings...

Have you visited the home of all things ESP - otherwise known as the Web HQ - so far in 2014? If not, then you won't know that the BRAND SPANKING NEW ESPstore has officially launched!

Now streamlined into 5 different departments that cover all ESP services, it's never been clearer - or easier - to find out the services available (besides blogging), and how you can take advantage of the access.

Don't think that means that bespoke offers are no longer available however; in fact, it is easier than ever to address your exact needs, as anything which does not fall within the service list will now be immediately identifiable. Since you're already here, why don't I walk you through them? Up first...

#ESPbase is the Project Management, Event Organisation, and Administrative strand.

'Building your empire on an ESPbase', allows you to take the hassle and confusion out of those pesky demands that make up the necessary foundation of any efficient operation. With hire options by the hour (Heure), half-day (Demi), day (Jour), and week (Sept); not only will all of your project needs be met, but you will also do it with additional special benefits, such as automatic free time*; and your choice of absolutely any, and as many, ESP services as you like, with the 'Sept' package option!^

Fresh out of ideas? Then #ESPconcept is the graphic design choice for you!

All about creating your brand, and communicating your product message in a new, and original way; ESPconcept is literally designed to reflect you in every nuance

Creative juices flow unbounded, with the many graphic design services now available in the #ESPstore. Let us bring imagination to life in the fiercest of styles, and brand it with your signature...

Whether red carpet events, gala showcases, or a simple set of headshots, #ESPfocus casts you in your best light.

Regular readers of this here little portal will know that my trusty camera sidekick and I, can always be found snapping away at events, to bring you a fully rounded experience to accompany my #ESPspotlight Reviews (LIVE).

Professional portfolios mean either casting the most appropriate light on you, according to press kit etiquette (One Take); or introducing an entirely new side of you to your audience, with 'Conceptualized' photoshoots...

No matter the shoot type both you, and/or your event, get to look your absolute best with a little help from my camera, and three tailored packages, with options designed to cater for all of your needs.

But it's not all about the visuals - #ESPprofile furnishes you with all of the professional tools you need to get you 'media ready':

You will rarely sell to an audience who do not know who you are, so introduce yourself properly with an ESP-penned biography.

The press release for your latest product is no different; dress it up in the right attire for your target audience!

If you really want to put your money where your mouth is, put your product to the test with an #ESPspotlight Review.

A truthful endorsement will prove that you believe in the integrity of your product enough, to submit it to close scrutiny and in fact, welcome the close inspection...

And if you really want to cover all of your bases, then we've got you covered! Combine the lot in an Electronic Press Kit (EPK), ready for distribution to media!

Once all of the above have been produced, then they need somewhere to go. Amassing press contacts is quite the hefty job, and not everyone will have the kind of access that a public relations company will. That's where ESP mailshots can help.

Distribution to local, National, and International press contacts is available as always, with special offers to best match your budget with your needs.

And just to prove that the originals are sometimes 'the best', #ESPshowcase has been revamped especially for 2014!

Now with even more packages and options; the full potential of your Social Media Management has never been less limited!

From the simplest of account builds, to blog and website builds, every package also offers the extended option for one time, or ongoing maintenance.

And if you don't happen to see the particular network forum that you are interested in listed; then just get in touch and, as with every service that ESP Ltd. provides, a bespoke option can be created to suit you.

'Lights', 'Camera' and 'Action' packages covered your essential SMM needs; but to ensure that no stone is left unturned, 'Prism' now joins in the mix!

From single to multi-page blogsite builds that function similarly to websites, or actual websites themselves; 'Prism' covers a multitude of packages that accommodate own, or ESP-designed graphics, and give special discounts on 'One Take' and 'Conceptualize' photoshoots!***

And if all of that still isn't enough, then how about this: Not only can you browse all of the packages options available via the Shop tab on the website, but you can also purchase every ESP Ltd. service from the comfort of your Facebook account!

So what are you waiting for? Head straight over to the ESPstore - via whichever method you prefer, and get shopping!

Until the next...
ES ;)

* ESPbase - 'Jour' comes with one bonus hour, 'Sept' comes with two bonus days.
^ All ESP services are available for hire under the 'Sept' package, to a maximum of the package rate - ie. £840.00. Multiple package hire will incur the same service provision cap as the first purchase - ie. any selection of services to a maximum of £840.00 per week's purchase.
**Completion time for ALL jobs to be arranged with, and signed off by, Client and EricaSharlette. Job acceptance will be based on the ESP diary capacity for the period required by the Client.
*** One Take and Conceptualize purchases must be made in conjunction with Prism in order to claim related discounts.