Sunday, 28 April 2013

IRON MAN 3: #ESPspotlight Review


The third instalment in the +Marvel Entertainment Comic Book series sees the lovable rogue that is +RobertDowneyJr return, in a plotline that honestly fits the man behind the iron mask to a T.

First of all, DO NOT SEE THIS FILM if you have not seen Avengers Assemble, or you will not fully grasp the new level of emotional instability and vulnerability that Downey has added to the character, and think he's washed up for no reason. There's a reason people, and it's a good-un! If you have only caught parts 1 and 2 in the trilogy you will still be able to follow what's happening, but it will be a bit like eating a cake without the icing or flavoured filling; buns without burgers, that type of thing...Is it nearly dinnertime?

Anywhoo, Tony Stark barely has time to deal with the psychological aftermath of the Avengers' epic end, before his newest foe makes an appearance. 'The Mandarin' - a hilariously camp and nutty Sir Ben Kingsley is out for the usual world domination. If you enjoyed his Entourage cameo once upon a time, then you'll love him in this. In a nice plot twist that sees Guy Pearce a long way from Ramsay Street; revenge is a dish best served hot by this despicable, but equally brainy mad scientist. In the most extreme example of the old adage, 'Be careful how you treat people on the way up' since Simon sacked Cheryl; Stark's playboy past catches up with him twofold, to create havoc that just won't die fairly, at his weakest point personally, in all the chapters so far.

The usual players return for team support; Don Cheadle as Colonel Rhodes, Jon Favreau as the loyal Happy Hogan and +PEOPLE Magazine's pick for World's Sexiest WomanGwyneth Paltrow as my selection for the worst character name in the history of film, Ms. Pepper Potts (I hear it and think of Bill and Ben, those Flowerpot Men who predate my existence). Mrs Chris Martin has become stronger in her own right since the first part of the saga. Not a fan of her personally, the fact I'm driven to admit that I do think that she worked the evolution of the role to perfection is a testament to her newfound command of the spotlight that she hadn't earned before; so much so, that my heart was in my mouth more than once as I feared for her safety. Like Downey Jr., Paltrow is so believable, that you soon feel as though you're glimpsing the real personalities behind the Hollywood names you know so well. Funnyman Favreau is another example, as it is truly impossible for the man to hide his natural humour. Cheadle's most likeable character to date, my British Pride has yet to forgive him for the atrocious accent in, well any of the Oceans' films.

Aside from the usual, edge-of-your-seat stunts and special effects - literally out of this world in 3D - the best thing about this instalment, is that you spend about 97% of it reminding yourself that Tony Stark has to survive for IM4, and so that Iron Man can Assemble with the rest of the Avengers once again - his control of his life, the events and environment surrounding him, and even his own body and psyche, is that precarious. Stark and Sherlock Holmes are Robert Downey Jr's masterpieces for this very reason. Both are so boastful and overrun by ego, that when these villains knock them down a peg or two, serving to remind that they are in fact, mere flawed humans, as mediocre as everybody else, their difficulty to assimilate the possibility, whilst maintaining the impossible bravado that repeatedly puts the world in danger, is magnetic. When Stark calls Killian (Guy Pearce) "a maniac", you almost laugh at the 'takes one to know one' irony.

Another great offering, this time under the Direction of Shane Black (+DoctorWHO); this is a blockbuster well worth the #1 spot it will undoubtedly have worldwidebefore the weekend is out.

Rated 12A+IronMan3 gets 5 Stars and then some from Yours Truly for being the best instalment yet.

ES ;)