Monday, 31 December 2012

ESP Yearbook and Blog Awards 2012!

With less than 24 hours to go, the end of 2012 is nigh and everyone - including Yours Truly, is in that retrospective frame of mind.

It's been an absolutely MASSIVE year for this blog; beyond comprehension in every way and every single feature has been memorable. Never in a million did I imagine being nominated for one award, never mind two. I didn't need, or expect to win, the unexpected audience nominations were more than enough! As for your kind attention well; it was a proud moment to receive that 30,000th all-time visitor hit for the last 15.5 months, 5 days ahead of tonight's midnight target. Since just under 27,000 of those were this year alone, you can imagine my bewilderment at now being only a few hours away from reaching that 30-spot just for 2012. The very concept of either boggles the mind and all I can say is the biggest of THANK YOU'S for taking the time out.

I'm not mad enough to think that you stop by here for me though! You love the people I'm featuring (which is good to know, so I shall endeavour to keep up that calibre in 2013). In light of that, I thought I'd first of all give you a little behind the scenes look at YOUR Top 10 Most Read Features of 2012:

  1. #ESPspotlight Review: 'Hotei at The Roundhouse'
  2. #FindOutFriday with StooShe!
  3. 'Queens of Diamonds' (10 Deer Oh Deer HarleQueens - #ESPspotlight Jubilee Special)
  4. #FindOutFriday with Charli-Anne Shirley!
  5. 'Remember HIS Time' (Michael Jackson #ESPspotlight Special)
  6. #FindOutFriday with Kevin Writer (Def Jam US Artist & Producer)
  7. #FindOutFriday Valentine's Special - 'Battle of the Sexes'!
  8. #ESPspotlight Interview: Andy Piccos of 'Stitchin Business'
  9. #FindOutFriday with Beckii Cruel
  10. #ESPspotlight Review: HYPER JAPAN Part ONE: 'Friday HighDay'!
I find it fascinating to see your favourites, but for my last post of this indefinable year, I also wanted to bring you mine. If you've been with me all year, then you know I'm not one to do things the 'normal' way; so I decided to say Thank You for all of your support with a little downloadable offering...

Enjoy 2012's 'Best Bits' from my perspective in the first ever EricaSharlette Ltd. Promotions Yearbook and Blog Awards! I hope you enjoy it - let me know if you're feeling the nostalgia too!

On behalf of the entire ESP Family, we wish you an abundance of Health, Happiness and Prosperity for 2013.

EricaSharlette ;)