Saturday, 4 February 2012

#FindOutFriday with Drassick DIGITAL

Drassick aka DIGITAL

Well this is one I've been waiting for a justified opportunity to do for quite some time...Though the most hyperactive of the ESP family, Drassick is actually the quietest, something you wouldn't necessarily be aware of unless you really get to know him, and well.

Packing a pretty-boy, pint-sized punch; DIGITAL aka Drassick is far more watchful and more reserved than his energetic persona would suggest; making him the hardest nut to crack, as even I found when I (tried to) put him in this week's hotseat...

SO, Andre Drackett! Your turn has finally arrived...(D: Wait, can I change my mind? Don't really remember agreeing to this anyway?) I know those other two have you scared, so we'll start off easy...

1. You have two professional names that you are known by. Explain their origins:

Well 'Drassick' came from a friend of mine that I'm not gonna name and shame...But he could never pronounce 'Drackett' when he was intoxicated by substances I won't mention (laughs), it always came out as 'Drassick' so it just stuck! 'DIGITAL' I've had for longer than I can remember; it was gonna be my stage name as it's what most people know me as, because I'm always being around electronics and a little bit obsessed with them.

2. You've been quiet on the external front for some time now, re-emerging in the middle of a major re-brand; why did you feel the change in direction was necessary? And what else has kept you away from the limelight?

YOU (laughs)! I'm joking. It was a new start for me. We discussed it and found it to be the best because I wanted to redo everything from the ground up. I told you what I saw for myself, and you found all the ways to make it real from the very first meeting. We've been working on a lot of stuff; everything really, from the music I'm making to the way that it, and I, are being presented to the public.

 launched on 23 January, 2012
From my perspective; I just want to make my music and put it out there but, I'm learning about all this other stuff that I need to pay attention to, in order to make that one thing I want happen. Hopefully people are starting to see what's been going on behind the scenes now that we've launched my website, we've got the new branding of 'Drassick/DIGITAL' on everything and the release of the EP and mixtape.

'Daddy's Little Girl'...
Alicia Mae joined us on 21st December
More than all of that though, I was just really focused on getting everything ready for the birth of my beautiful baby girl, Alicia Mae.

3. You just performed a huge acoustic set celebrating last week's release of your warm up EP, 'RESET BUTTON', the launch of your website and the earlier mentioned 'RiseNGrind', scheduled for release in a few days time. Talk us through the whole process of the show; from picking your set list, right through to that last bar on stage:

The set-list, for me, mirrored my life. The stages were reflected in the genres and pace. I started with 'Roger That' and '2Step' which are clubby and upbeat, then slowed it down gradually, so by the middle, with 'It's You' then 'Round and Round' it was more about me and the personal side. 'Karma' and 'Moving On' brought the focus back to my music life and the stages I went through to get there. 
Making the band was hard, but fun...there were a few changes, even up to the day of the show but in the end, the people who came together made the whole experience mean a lot to me, and I don't think I would have loved it as much without them. Shout out to Stirra, MAVERiQ, Julie, Ki, and Vince (vocals); Ezekiel, Michael (keys and strings) and Shadow9 with the mad drum energy! Oh and you and Luz for putting it all together...I suppose (I'M JOKING)!

4. Gee thanks, my heart is swole! Back to it...I personally think it's quite difficult to classify your sound as you've made a dent in every genre from Grime, to 2-Step, to Hip-Hop, while bringing an RnB element to almost all. What do you think your sound is? Break it down for us:

'D-Day' is a mixture of  the many
'Sounds of Drassick'

At the moment I'm in an experimental phase. I think my style is versatile enough that I don't have to stick to any one genre...If I HAD to choose I would have to say Hip-Hop/RnB, Grime and 2-Step...(laughs). Seriously, I guess if you had to classify me - and I really don't want anyone to - but if you did, I suppose you have to tie me to Hip-Hop and RnB.

5. So we know about the love of gadgets, but what else keeps your hyperactivity in check?
'RockNRoll' ;)

6. Alright, let's try a different tack, Cheeky; what other creative skills do you have:
(Laughs) I write songs and play a bit of guitar. I can act and can studied video editing in Uni but I'm not fond of it.

7. Talk us through the one track in your back catalogue that means the most to you:
'Let Me' ft Pierre Amil. Mostly because that song closed a chapter for me. It was when I changed the direction my music was taking and the choices I was making in my life. 

03 Let Me by Drassick

8. If I had to compare you to cartoon characters, it would probably be a weird combination of Mr Chatterbox, Mr Funny with a touch of The Joker in there; because our conversations go a thousand miles a minute and you're always laughing at something NUTS. But there's also an underlying touch of danger in your lyrical content, that you deliver with a smile. Can you name a character that best describes you? Tell us why:
I can't think of any one character that best describes me...not sure I need to, you've made me sound like a crazy Guy with multiple personalities!


9. Tell us about the moment that you first decided that you wanted to make music; how did it happen?
Drassick with cousin Bushkin and friend, DeeJay Kindez
Well I've wanted to do it from the age of about 13/14, but due to school and family I couldn't turn in that direction. It seemed like every time I thought about starting up another issue came up. But when I finally took the step into the industry I started to go to raves with my cousin 'Bushkin' and his crew (formerly known as Heartless Crew) to MC with them. When I finally made the decision to become a rapper Bush, introduced me to 'Shizzle' and it started from there.

10. What are you happiest about at this very moment and what are you most looking forward to?

The birth of my 2nd child and watching her grow, no contest!

Also the launch of my website after all of the planning that went in; knowing how much more is coming to it when Charli-Anne (Jelli Ltd) made it so sick already. The release of 'RiseNGrind'...I know I've been itching to put it out for the longest time, but that was before I really understood about looking at the bigger picture, how all the little things that I never thought of, affect it in the long run...and all the work you're making me do towards the Summer projects that you won't let me speak on yet...Can I at least tell the people to watch out for the MADNESS that's coming?

I think that last part can be arranged!

The ESP Family have a little BBM house where I harass them about many a thing collectively, and we catch up with one another throughout each week. About six weeks ago, I joked about this being the 'Year of the Dregon', while planning our Chinese New Year projects. I had absolutely no idea how apt it would actually become!

Drassick's quiet may have been mistaken as complacence by some; but they would have to be people who have no idea how deep his passion for his music actually runs. His commitment to taking his career further have only strengthened in the time I've been Blessed to know him. All I can do, is warn you to brace yourself for the next phase; because when it comes to what I like to call as THE DIGITAL TAKEOVER, as he, himself will tell you: "You're not ready"...

'RiseNGrind' is scheduled for release at
12:21 on Tuesday, 7 February
in honour of Drassick's daughter, Alicia Mae.

Downloads will officially be available from the following sites:

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