Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Introducing 'Alicia Mae'...

Well the ESP Family just got a WHOLE lot cuter...Have you met our newest addition?

Alicia Mae Drackett

At 6lb 5oz, Alicia was born to our Drassick and his beautiful Mrs, Luzie on Wednesday, 21 December at 17:14 after 5 hours labour, making her one week old today!

I've heard something about a queue blocking my path to my newest niece...something about Parents? Terms were negotiated earlier today, expect her to be moving in with her Aunty before 2011's end...;)

Suffice to say, we're already planning Baby 'Doe' Couture and booking her first gigs, where Daddy can open for Her...

On behalf of the entire ESP Family - CONGRATULATIONS Luzie and Andre! And Welcome to the World Alicia Mae! You have never known doting like that which you will shortly experience...(not just because you're only a week old, but because you haven't met your favourite Aunty yet)!

See you SOON Button!