Thursday, 15 December 2011

The First Lady LDN First Anniversary Christmas Fayre

deer oh deer, Lekhem and myself all enjoyed a FAB May Sunday in this year's 5-minute Summer window - courtesy of Tamu and Kenema Girl at The First Lady LDN Fayre.

Welcomed like extended family from our first contact, the Summer Fayre was one of those rarities that operated more like a fun day out, as opposed to typical work event where the ESP family were out in near full-force! More about that later...

The SuperTeam are back to do it again for their First Anniversary and, in honour of the event where deer oh deer have some exclusive twists to The Heritage Collection ONLY available at the event; Tamu had a fun, 'get-to-know-you' chat with Lekhem in advance of his set.

Tickets to The First Lady Fayre are available from Eventbrite (£5)
Not just a stellar shopping opportunity, excellent learning curve through the inspiring workshops and opportunity to make waist-room for your impending plates of Christmas Crimes at the Zumba workshop; The First Lady are all about highlighting the lesser known causes that aren't granted as much of a popular spotlight.

Shopping, music and entertainment are all good and fun, but The First Lady team have a bigger picture in mind. The May Fayre raised enough to secure Secondary school education for two young girls in Sierra Leone and with the aid of the Inspirational You Social Enterprise, many more works are being done, starting right here on our own doorstep. It's works and dedication of this kind that inspires the ESP Family to donate time and services. More on that will be coming on that in 2012 so watch this space; but in the meantime I urge you to get in contact and do the same.

Going back to that 'Summer Second'; deer oh deer experienced a very successful day at the May Fayre. We spent some great time interacting with new fans of the brand and made some great lasting contacts:

On the musical front, Lekhem dropped a track or few in a MONSTER set that included a then exclusive debut of Ladies Favourite, 'Thoughts of Her'...

We're VERY grateful to Tamu and The First Lady for ALL the support they've shown us over the past seven months. You're an excellent cause, an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with. See you Sunday!

£5 tickets are available NOW via Eventbrite - come and say hello!