Monday, 1 December 2014


If, like me, you've been wondering which channel you can find Frank Ocean on, and whether it is determined by a primary colour, or secondary mixture, have no fear, I am about to answer your question: our cheeky little Channel ORANGE cutie has been back in the studio working on equally hypnotic material. When I say that I have no doubt that this first number from his third set will be ruling the airwaves before long, I jest you not. Let's be honest, Frank can really do no wrong in the world of music, unless your name is Chris Brown (and even then, I'm pretty sure that stems from some not-so-deep-seated, but still secret, personal desires, but alas, I digress)...

Parental Advisory - contains explicit language

In addition to previous production collaboratorsHappy Perez, Charlie Gambetta, and Kevin Ristro, rumour has it that Ocean has also enlisted Hit-Boy and Rodney Jerkins to bring us the goods. May I lead us in a chorus of 'Gimme Already'?!

Until the next...Enjoy!
ES ;)